NonFiction: Georgette Heyer’s Regency World

Georgette Heyer’s Regency World: A definitive guide for all fans of Georgette Heyer, Jane Austen, and the glittering regency period”

 By Jennifer Kloester

This is a really interesting  and entertaining book, full of information on society during this period right down to the real address for “Gunter’s confectioner’s shop” (which opened by an Italian pastry Chef  in 1757 at 7 Berkeley Square in London ) pertinent to Jane Austen’s novels, however this book references more closely the novels of Georgette Heyer.

I particularly liked the real history of the various institutions and individuals mentioned in most regency novels, this background information is not usually mentioned in either novels published in the past and or current novels. I find these details illuminating and gives a deeper perspective on the times.

This is a well researched and interesting reference.

Hey another good knitting link

All sorts of free pattern odds and ends. Found some good stuff to knit for the Church Bazaar.  Toys, Teddy’s and Oven Towels.

Ann Budd – designer, come see

I was snooping around on the internet and found this site. There is a very nice free pattern for socks this month.  

Hope you like it too.

Free Pattern: XL Coffee Cup Sweater

Pattern XL Cup Sweater

by Susan Sedlak

In the cold Canadian winter, here is a warm idea.  Enjoy

XL Coffee Cup Sweater

A free pattern

Buster Rhino’s in Whitby Ontario

After reading Freddy’s great review of Buster Rhino’s barbeque restaurant, we just had to go.  As we were going that way to drop my son at University, and it was around dinner time, we went. Boy Freddy was right, it was very good. my son had the Brisket on a Bun with Root beer and fries.  Bob and I split the special ($15.99)  which was 1 rack of ribs, 2 sides – brown beans and coleslaw, with a can of Root beer and an extra side of hushpuppies ($2.50). This came to slightly over $30.00 and there was plenty for everyone. Between the Hubby and son we eat about the same as 4.   There are 3 barbeques sauces available to mix and match, sweet, regular, and hot, (you apply yourself ).

The Ribs were very good, as were the brown beans (they have BBQ sauce in um). I don’t think I would have the coleslaw again, not to my taste I guess. We tasted the hushpuppies, they were great with a little BBQ sauce.  My Son was very impressed with the  Brisket sandwich, says he would definitely have it again.

Next time, I will try the Brisket sandwich ($5.50) and the Potato Salad ($2.50), and we will definitely be going back!

Did you know BBQ sauce is gluten free? Yum !

This is a great Blog for Barbeque!

This is getting to be a rather popular site for all things Barbeque.  It is mouth watering.

This is a delightful read

“The cat hates my knitting” is not only a delightful read, but it is written by and equally delightful friend of mine.

Non-Fiction – “A History of the Wife” by Marilyn Yalom

I was delighted to find this book for sale at of all places, the Library.  Our library sells books that they no longer circulate. I had the good fortune to hear this author speak about another of her books, and was so impressed that I remembered her name .

 Well I was not disappointed!  This is a very readable, interesting and thought-provoking book. Most of the accounts that she writes about are first hand. I see it is still for sale, and though our library doesn’t carry it any longer, I imagine it can be brought in through interlibrary loan. Amazon does carry it.

Quotation of the Month


Sir, I admit your general rule,

That every poet is a fool,

But you yourself may serve to show it,

That every fool is not a poet.

Sameul Taylor Coleridge, Epigram

Films: Robert Mitchum – worth another look!,_Mr._Allison

1962 – “Two for the Seesaw” This film is not one of his most popular films,  but it is one of my favourites. It shows a different type of character than most of his films.

1957- “Heaven knows, Mr.Allison” really highlights the rough and really, gritty characters we are more accustomed to see him play. I am not into war films at all, but this is a goody if you get an opportunity to see it. 

I can see why his peers used to say that he had a male magnetism that made every women look his way when he walked into a room. If you get a chance to watch either of this films I highly recommend them. (Did you know he sang too, look him up on wiki, interesting read)

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