“The Gathering”, a girls day out

The Girls - Beth and Gwen

The first totally Handspinning event of the season ” The Gathering” Gwen, Beth and I set out an 9:30 am. this morning, and headed for Port Hope. 

A few of the Durham Handspinning Guild Members

Port Hope is a lovely town east of here on Lake Ontario. We arrived in good time, the weather was beyond retched! Rainy, cold and grey, but we are a cheerful lot. We decided to stop at “Dimitri’s” a local restaurant for breakfast and a chat. It has been sometime since we have had an opportunity to visit… We had such fun and our waitress was a gem, and between giggles and laughter we managed to eat this tasty meal. Then we were off to the main event, The Gathering! This is a yearly event that we all look forward to. The Spinners come from far and wide lured by the scent of wool and other spinable fibres in the air. A slight whif of Lamb Burger on the Barbeque outside, and the buzz of spinners chatting about fibre inside! For only $5.00 Canadian dollars you can join this day of fun. There was so much to see, vendors are set up around the perimeter of the room, with seats for spinners in the middle. Coffee, Tea and some sweets are included in the admission fee, the Lamb, Hamburgers, and Sausages which are cooked just outside the door are not. (I would highly recommend that you have one, they are a local product and excellent!)

A row of busy spinsters

A Karen Richens a friend of ours was there selling her shetland products. She has a small flock and sells fleece and yarn, really nice stuff.  But I was being good!  Well I did buy some sock yarn but that was all…  There were many old friends and newer ones too. Regan another fibre friend from Bowmanville, showed me “3ply on the fly” spindle spinning. I am going to try it and post it.


Alvin Ramer was there with his spindles and woolcombs. I own several different types of Woolcombs mostly of his manufacture and a really fine swift. Shall post pictures of my equipment one of these days. Usually I take pictures of the purchases, I am sorry. Next time … Gwen bought some Black Superwash with a trail of glitter through it, and some very nice “Pacific Blue” Handcarded Merino and a bag of “Mermaid” Merino batt that was a lovely mixture of blue and green. Beth found the purple she was looking for, I think it was corriedale. She also bought a Wellington Fibres Mystery Sock Blank ( this is a knitting machine knit square of 2 strand sock yarn that is then dyed) I have knit socks with this stuff, it is a treat. Beth is holding it in her hand in the picture.

Spinners Chatting


The Gathering

Hope to meet you there next year!

See Gwen’s Blog for even more pictures and fun!


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Vanessa
    Apr 16, 2011 @ 19:40:47

    God I want to learn how to spin so badly. I’ve just bought myself Knit Picks’ “Learn to Spin” kit. My husband has said that he’s willing to buy me a spinning wheel if I am really interested. Problem is we live in a tiny apartment. 😦

    Should I bother with a drop spindle or go straight to the wheel? Do you know of any low priced and compact wheels?


    • kitenswithmittens
      Apr 17, 2011 @ 01:03:34

      Well I ‘ve been teaching spinning for years and say yes to both options… Ok if you want to spin everywhere, you know Dr’s offices, and lunch hours learn to spindle.
      I will put up some more sites to help you. If you are thinking wheel and apartment, yes a castle style wheel is more compact and probibly what you want. I would recommend a Lendrum. They fold flat and can fit under a bed or behind a couch and are the most versitile wheel around, and made to travel! I have 13 wheels, about 1/3 modern, 1/3 reproduction and the rest are antiques. If you plan to really spin don’t let anyone talk you into an antique, you don’t know if you have all the parts and you can’t get any if there is a breakdown (You can get one later when you have more room). Repros are ok, but usually have limited features (The usually look dressier than the origionals however function is usually questionable). Modern wheels, easy to use with inexpensive parts, and peripherals that can be purchased as you develop as a spinner. (eg Lace Head, fast flyer etc) Yes wheels are not cheap, but a good wheel will last a life time, fibre can be bought all over, and also over the net. A spindle is a good place to start and see if this is for you. Hope this helps you, Take Care.


  2. Louise
    Apr 17, 2011 @ 20:08:31

    Sounds like a fun day!


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