Gallery: Just finished! Leafy facecloths by Meagan Goodacre

Leafy Facecloths

These are fun, fast, cheap, and free pattern, the best of everything. Great for a gift with handmade soap.

Thanks to the generousity of Meagan Goodacre.

2011 Reading List: 45 Books

A little late but better than never here is my reading list 2011:

  1. Pride and Prejudice – Jane Austen (Jan)
  2. In the Teeth of the evidence – Dorothy Sayers (Jan)
  3. Age of Innocense – Edith Wharton (Jan)
  4. Secrets of a summer night (1)  Lisa Kleypas (Feb)
  5. It happpened one autumn (2)  Lisa Kleypas (Feb)
  6. Devil in Winter (3)  Lisa Kleypas (Feb)
  7. Scandal in Spring (4) Lisa Kleypas (Mar)
  8. Wallflower Christmas (5) Lisa Kleypas (Mar)
  9. Breaking Dawn – Stephanie Meyer: I have read this one several times and really enjoyed it! (May)
  10. Quick Bite (1) – Lynsay Sands: Totally fiction. Funny and delightful, a series about a family of immortals, this is also a revisited book (May)
  11. The Golden Thread – Bruce Meyer: This is non fiction. Traces the great works of literature (May)
  12. The History of the Wife – Marilyn Yalom: Nonfiction. Really excellent examination of the role of the wife throughout history and around the world (May)
  13. Love Bites (2)- Lynsay Sands: book 2 in series, have read before, I am a fan of this author. Highly recommended as summer reading! (May)
  14. Single White Vampire (3)- Lynsay Sands: Ok I am on a L.S. thing at the moment. I’m reading them all again as Darling gave me the latest for anniversary. This one is one of my favourites. Poor man ends up at a romance convention, he has a shortage of bagged blood and will not bite anyone. His editor comes up with a plan. (June)
  15. All New 17th ed. Uncle John’s Slightly Irregular Bathroom Reader. (June)
  16. Tall, Dark and Hungry (4)- Lynsay Sands: Wedding plans go terribly wrong for the couple from previous book, brother steps in to save the day. Things get worse and worse, but needless to say there will be more than one wedding. (June)
  17. A Bite to Remember (5) Lynsay Sands: Ok what to you do if you’re an immortal who can’t use blood banks, due to a genetic condition, have to live with that. Someone begins to sabotage your businesses and things escalate, you need a detective… (June) I like this one it’s a good summer read.
  18. Bite me if you can (6) Lynsay Sands: Lucian is one off the original immortal, he has become old, cold, and borded with life… until an innocent gets dropped in  his lap and he has to help her to adjust to her new life. (July)
  19. The Accidental Vampire (7) Lynsay Sands: Evi is a Vamp just trying to make a living after a holiday accident left her an immortal. Her moral friends decide that they need to find her a mate as they are getting older and she will be left alone. They place an advert that invites single immortals to town to meet her. They are determined to find the right mate for her.  (July)
  20. The Readers Digest Essential Stitch Collection by Lesley Stanfield & Melody Griffiths (July)
  21. Vampires are forever (8) Lynsay Sands:(July)
  22. Love Letters: An Anthology by Antonia Frazer: I enjoy reading letters between historical figures. There was a time when letter writing was an art. (July)
  23. The Pemberley Chronicles: A Companion Volume to Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice, a novel by Rebecca Ann Collins. Book 1 (July)
  24. Toe-Up 2-at-a-time Socks by Melissa Morgan-Oakes (July)
  25. Vampire Interupted (9) Lynsay Sands (July)
  26. The Women of Pemberley: A Companion Volume to Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice” a novel by Rebecca Ann Collins. Book 2 (Aug)
  27. 2-at-a-time socks by Melissa Morgan-Oaks (Aug)
  28. Life in a Medieval Village by Francis and Joseph Gies (Aug)
  29. Netherfield Park Revisited: A Companion Volume to Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice” a novel by Rebecca Ann Collins. Book 3 (Aug)
  30. Ghost Story by Jim Butcher Book 13 of the Dresden Files (Aug)
  31. Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen
  32. Guns, Germs, and Steel: The Fates of Human Societies by Jared Diamond
  33. The Rogue Hunter (10) Lynsay Sands (Oct)
  34. The Immortal Hunter (11) Lynsay Sands (Oct)
  35. Lover Unleashed (9) J.R. Ward (Oct)
  36. The Renegade Hunter (12) Lynsay Sands (Nov)
  37. Born to Bite (13) Lynsay Sands (Nov)
  38. Hungry for you (14) Lynsay Sands (Dec)
  39. The Reluctant Vampire (15) Lynsay Sands (Dec)
  40. The Bite before Christmas (16) Lynsay Sands (Dec)
  41. Mr & Mrs Fitzwilliam Darcy: Two shall become one (1) Sharon Lathan (Dec)
  42. Scarlett (sequel to Gone with the Wind) by Alexandra Ripley
  43. Loving Mr Darcy (2) Sharon Lathan
  44. North and South by Elizabeth Gaskell (an old favourite!)
  45. Under a Vampire Moon (17) Lynsay Sands

Technique: Magic Loop (video Tutorial – 7 Parts)

Magic Loop has been a mystery to me. I have posted these so I can find them easily…. Thanks verypinkknits your wonderful!

Freedom knit video tutorial:

Magic Loop for socks (part 1) verypinkknits: cuff

Magic Loop for socks (part 2) verypinkknits: Heel flap “eye of partridge”

Magic Loop for socks (part 3) verypinkknits: Turning heel

Magic Loop for socks (part 4) verypinkknits: Gusset

Magic Loop for socks (part 5) verypinkknits: Toe

Magic Loop for socks (part 6) verypinkknits: Kitchener stitch

Magic Loop for socks (part 7) verypinkknits: weaving in ends

Shawls: I must be mad!

Here is the finished list so far:

  1. Travelling women (January 2011)
  2. Celeste Shawl (January 2011) Gift to my sister-in-law
  3. Marella by Bridget Freyer (January 2011)
  4. Batkus shawl (March 2011) Bazaar
  5. Oaklet Shawl (May 2011)
  6. 198 yds of Heaven (Nov 2011) MiL Christmas
  7. Ginkgo shawl (Dec 2011) Mother Christmas
  8. Simple Ridges Shawl (Jan 2012)

Here is the want to do list!

How to make Tarn (yarn from Tshirts)

Yup this bright recycleing idea is brought to us from Melissa Somerville!

Read how here

Cool eh!

FO Friday: Coffee cup and H2O Bottle Cozys

 Sorry offering is so small. I have a bunch of bigger stuff in the works. The Coffee cup and Water Bottle cozy are a test run for a Commuter set I am thinking about. 

Coffee Cup and Water Bottle Cozy

Techniques: Knit fast, faster, fastest oh my! (video tutorials)

I was hunting around for techniques again and look what I found… thanks to these thoughtful people who up loads these tutorials. I will add to this post if I find anything else that is useful.

LindsayLew: (English no though method): this is sort of what I do :0)

Elsteffo: (Eastern European):  or

Hatricka: – faster throughing method

Miriam Teagles (knitpicks): – how the worlds fastest knitter does it!

Hazel Tindall (scotish TV): – how this worlds fastest knitter does it, interview

I have to admit that Portugese knitting has potential to be pretty fast… Special thanks to Chuanavit who was not working in her first langauge and did a superb job!

Chuanavit: Portugese knitting Part 1

Chuanavit: Portugese knitting Part 2

Chuanavit: Portugese knitting Part 3 (cast on) Casting on from another angle

Chuanavit: Portugese knitting (rib 1×1)

Chuanavit: Portugese knitting (rib 2×2)

Chuanavit: Portugese knitting (knit)

Chuanavit: Portugese knitting (Purl)

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