WIP Weds: Another step forward

Welcome to another Work in progress Wednesday. For those that missed last Friday’s post, I was celebrating my 5,5oo view! I know for most of you that is a drop in the old bucket, for me it was a bit of a revelation. My main purpose for this blog was to use it as a peg board for interesting stuff I find here and there. Much to my surprise it has turned unto something different, more of a social conduit. It seem more and more people find what I find interesting too. I just want to thank all my visitors for stopping by, you light up my day.

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Well another step forward,

From Silver Cloud Alpaca

Step 1: I spun the singles for the “finished handspun artical” for the fair

80% Alpaca / 20% merino singles

Step 2: I plyed those singles

2 ply, 14 wpi, 152 yds

I have been purchasing from Silver Cloud for some time and they are wonderful!

See my Ravelry page for more info.

see next week for the artical!

FO Fridays – And There was Much Rejoicing!

FO Fridays – And There was Much Rejoicing!.

Delightful account of adventure organizing, wish my stash looked as good!

FO Friday: WOOT! Mittens are done!

 Hurray! I just past the 5,500 all time views wow!

To celebrate I am offering a free download of my favourite sock pattern till Monday! Enjoy!  Sorry you missed Sue’s EZ Toe-up socks… Watch for the next celebration give away!

Hello all! Happy finished object friday!  I love doing weird and wonderful things with traditional shapes. I look on it as improvement through sideways thinking.  The “Inside, Outside, Upside Down Mittens” came about because my mil gifted me with a lovely new black winter coat.  I had a servicable blue coat for everyday wear that I didn’t just want to toss. I was doing a lot of socks at the time and found two balls that were likely candidates. I made up the pattern in 2008 as a christmas gift for my knitting friends, so I resurrected it for my mittens. If you are tempted to try these see this grafting method, I just love it!  For more info on yarn needles and where to get the pattern look here.

Inside Outside Upside Down Mittens (reversible Mittens)

What I like about this pattern:

  1. sock yarn is durable, perfect for mittens
  2. sock yarn is washable, perfect for mittens
  3. sock yarn in this case is woolen, perfect for mittens
  4. 2 layers of sockyarn makes a very nice insulated mitten
  5. these mittens are reversible
  6. This pattern can be made 3 different ways, traditional wrist up, top down or reversible (2 layered, knit from top, to cuff, to top)
  7. they take about    oz of sockyarn
  8. knit up as fast as a sock
  9. no heel!
  10. keep your hands warm!

    Inside of reversible mitten!


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Thanks for visiting, see you next week

WIP Weds: I forgot!

I cannot believe I forgot WIP Weds.  Well Hubby is improving slowly.

I am still working on my mittens and cataloguing my knitting book reviews.

I don’t really have much to show so I will take a willow break! Let me introduce Willow, aka the little flower, or the little sack of flour!

Last night in and effort to be nice to willow, I left our bedroom door open. It was a lovely warm night, so the window was open. She likes the view from the table under the window. However she is a little too fluffy to actually sit on the window sill that is 3 stories above ground… I spent half the night reminding her not to get on the sill. She would pad over and watch till I fell asleep then jump up there again! I guess she is smarter than I am, I finally woke up enough to put her in the hall and ruin all the fun.

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List of Knitting Books Reviewed

Here is the list of Knitting Books I have reviewed so far…


  1. A History of Hand Knitting by Richard Rutt
  2. Reader’s Digest The Essential Stitch Collection by Lesley Stanfield & Melody Griffiths
  3. 2-at-a-time socks  Melissa Morgan-Oaks (see link for errata)
  4. Toe-Up 2-at-a-time socks  Melissa Morgan-Oaks (see link for errata)
  5. Wrapped in Lace: Knitted Heirloom Designs from Around the World By Margaret Stove (see link for errata)
  6. Mastering Color Knitting by Melissa Leapman (n0 erratas reported)
  7. Sock Knitting Master Class by Ann Budd (see link for errata)
  8. Knit Socks! 17 Classic Patterns for Cozy Feet by Betsy lee McCarthy (see link for errata)
  9. 400 Knitting Stitches Potter Craft (no erratas reported)


  1. 60 Quick Baby Knits from Cascade Yarns (see link for errata)
  2. 50 Fabulous Knitted Borders by Rita Weiss
  3. Knitting in Plain English” by Maggie Righetti
  4. 50 Fabulous Knitted Lace Stitches by Rita Weiss
  5. Charted Knitting designs: Third Treasury by Barbara Walker
  6. Cast On, Bind Off by Leslie Ann Bestor


  1. The Knitter’s Handy Book of Top-Down Sweaters by Ann Budd

FO Friday: Not much to report, so “Finds on Friday”!

Another FO Friday brought to you by Tami’s Blog!

Things continue to progress. Waiting for results from hubby’s the Heart monitor. Working away on mittens should be done for next friday. Meanwhile I thought I would share some “Finds on Friday” :0)

A History of Hand Knitting by Richard Rutt

I have an academic bent and find reference material about knitting and textiles fascinating. I have to admit that I found this book on my book shelf. If you want a really good read, great pictures, charts, history, maps, and cultural techniques. I know this book is not for everyone, but I read it over about every five years. It’s an old favourite.

Reader’s Digest The Essential Stitch Collection by Lesley Stanfield & Melody Griffiths

I did buy this one recently. Basically a 300 stitch directory. Why when I have several Barbara Walkers and some other directories? It caught my eye! Not only an excellent photograph of each of the patterns, very clear instructions and they are all charted. Each section has a two page spread with photographs and location of all the patterns within that chapter.  The back of the book has a very comprehensive glossary of abbreviations and International needle conversation tables (including Japanese).I could not have designed a better stitch dictionary, I hope they release another one!

Well that’s all for this week, take care all :0)

WIP Weds: Progress

First I want to thank you for your support last friday. Things have settled down with husbands health. He is currently sporting a Heart monitor for the next 48 hrs. However Doctors have lifted his license and he depends on the car for a living. Life is becoming a little to interesting! My appointment went well. Just a medication adjustment and hopefully my seizures and tremors will be under better control. Meanwhile things are quiet… Thank Goodness!

Purchased a rather good looking sock knitting book today. Call it retail therapy :0) I like Melissa Morgan-Oaks approach to knitting. “2-at-a-time socks” is well photographed with helpful hints and a practice childs pair to knit as a walk through. Spiral bound hardcover, with charted in assorted sizes and gauge options, all in all a rather appealing book for sock knitters.

Note: I have been collecting up erratas on my knitting books for easy reference. This book published by Storey Publishing has corrections for pg 15, 16, 19, 20, 21, 22, 24, 25, 27, 35, 49 (chart) 58, 60, 67, 68, 70, 71, 72, 79, 83, 84, 85, 89, 103, 106, 110, 3 corrections on 112, 2 corrections on 113, 118, 129. (Totally disgusted, how can such a lovely looking book have this many corrections? (33+)

Look here for errata

One “Inside, Outside, Upside Down Mitten” done! Other well on the way!

Outside or Inside mitten

Inside Or Outside Mitten

And I continue the spinning on yarn for Hat. For more inspiring WIP Weds visit Tami’s Blog

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