FO Friday: Happy Dicky Dance!

Woot, capering around, dance, bottom wiggle!

Count um 4 done! It only took one month.

Presenting “Warm Collar in 4 yarns” (Dicky) the pattern is now available on Enjoy!

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WIP: Almost there!

Good morning all! The adventure is almost over.

The Dk Version of the “Knitted Collar” (Dicky) is almost done! Woot!

Just in time for Winter. The trees are changing colour around here as is the

Garage door… Tada! (2nd coat postponed due to several days of rain) My guys are doing a great job!

1 st coat of paint


Next up…

Boring Beige Front door



Then there is my project

Dicky #4 in Dk weight yarn

And a little something new…

"Zig Zag Scarf" in worsted yarn pattern from Soper Creek Yarns

Well further news as development warrants, meanwhile stop by tami’s for more inspiring WIP’s

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Love the knitting happy face Thks Aussiemaria!

FO Friday: Did I say I am getting tired of making these things?

On WIP Wed I showed you the developing selection of dickies/collars whatever…
Well another one hits the dust! I think, so far it is may favourite. Purple and blue are my colours of choice. I plan to make a Roarin cloche to match. However the furry moth managed to unzip the knitting bag and nibble the skein! I now have 3 balls of varying sizes to make my hat.

Number 3: Worsted in Cascade 220 on 4.5mm

One becomes 3!

Under interrogation she insisted she was at the store buying cat food. DH and DS said they saw her there.

What who me? I wasn't there!

She is very lucky that she is cute!

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WIP Weds: I am getting tired of dickies!

Hello fellow Bloggers, its wednesday again and I am still making dickies.It has become a test of character, almost a quest one might say.  As you know, if you have been reading this blog. I have been developing a Dicky pattern in 4 weights of yarn; Bulky, Aran, Worsted and Dk. Alright maybe I didn’t think my production order through as thoroughly as I should have. Did you know that as the yarn becomes finer that the same size project will take exponentially longer? Yup, workin on number 3 before I figured this bit of news out. Duh?

Dicky 1: Diamond Tempo Chunky

On to exhibit 2

Dicky 2: Cascade 220 wool (Aran ragg)

This weeks effort is exhibit 3 and my WIP weds

Dicky 3: WIP in Cascade 220 heathers (Worsted)

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Now, Pixar is just too funny…

I was cruising the interwebs to cheer up on this totally cold and damp day, and I found these enjoy, and thanks pixar!

For The Birds

Luxo Jr.

The God


Partly cloudy

and of course my all time favourite

Geri’s game



Amazing little knitted films

These are just incredible little little films, everything knitted!

Boy with an airplane

Knitting warmth in your home

How they made the above

The last knit this is amusing

Berroco Film Festival thanks for sharing :0)

FO Friday: Another Dicky

Hello nice to see you :0)

It has been a wet week here in Ontario Canada. Needless to say the garage is still not painted. However the boys are happy enough to put it off.

As mentioned on Wednesday I have finished another Dicky. This one is in Aran weight yarn, Cascade 220 on 5mm needles.

2 of 4 Dickies in various weights of yarn

I have noticed that some of you have been recording what you have been reading and have decided to share my current book too.

The Rogue Hunter by Lynsay Sands, this is number 10 of 16 in the Argeneau Series about an immortal family of vampires. This author has a wicked sense of humour. I have just purchased the most recent book and have enjoyed rereading the the previous ones in preparation to read the new ones. If you want to view my reading list for 2011 look here.

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