WIP Weds: And then there were more Presents!

Good morning all, the insanity of the christmas season continues.  So far DH, and MiL are taken care of… Next up my mom, BiL, and DS. I want to report an almost strangling! Photo of the wanted criminal.

I swear if she wasn’t so cute and in charge around this place, violins would be making lovely music!!!!!  Willow the fur bearing moth has progressed from eating only yarn, to drive by nibbling of finished projects!

nibbled collar

This week I began Ginkgo Leaf Shawlette for Mother. Purchased some Berocco Vintage in a lovely blue.

Also working on a Hat for BiL again in Berocco Vintage.

Hat and Gingko shawlette

Current stats: 73+ projects this year,  24 Beryl hexagons, and  40 Books this year.

4 christmas balls so far!

Current christmas ball in production, will post others on friday

Well TTFN, be sure to stop by Tami’s for more great Works in progress!

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FO Friday: Christmas Presents continued…

Hi people, so nice to see ya again on this friendly friday :0)

Finished the 198 yds of Heaven for MiL, had only a golf ball size ball of yarn

left. This was a totally delightful pattern to knit. My only complaint is that, it  really is a bit small (approx 46″ x 22″)

198 yds of Heaven

If I had more yarn I would probably had done a few more repeats. However MiL is a good 6″ shorter than I am, to the proportion should be fine. The actual colour is deeper.

Currently reading a Pulitzer Prize winner. A rather absorbing examination of the development of civilization. Why some cultures took off and why others did not. Puts a whole new perspective on 3rd world countries vs the 1st world. Starts in prehistory, with human migration. You don’t have to be a scholar to enjoy this thought-provoking book.

Beryl Blanket hexagon count for this week so far  19

Well, have a delightful weekend, if you have time visit Tami’ Blog

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WIP Weds: More Christmas presents

Hi guys! Another WIP Weds. I decided to make 198 yds of Heaven for MiL. She is the most difficult person on my list, every year she insists that we should not waste our money in her and she needs nothing… grrr. Love her dearly, but would like to strangle her! Well she has a brown winter coat.

The yarn was $6.95 cdn, so she can hardly get upset.

This is very close to the real colour

Just love the colour, rich milk chocolate brown with a rust under tone.

Still have ways to go

I have been so impressed by number of WIPers doing the Beekeeper Quilt. What appealed to me was the stash busting possiblities, however making puffs though interesting would not suit the use I had in mind. So I started hunting around for something similar.

In this light I had a tough time getting the detail

I found the Beryl Blanket, works up quickly and uses up those small balls of left overs.

Well that’s all till friday,

for more inspired work in progess visit Tami’s Blog

FO Friday: Tah Dah!

Good Morning all, nice to see ya :0)

Finally finished the Christmas Sock, miracle of miracles before Christmas! Will be presented stuffed with small presents.

Look here for details.

Christmas Stocking

Not really impressed with the gusset instructions, basically there were none!!!! This is not a pattern for a beginner it is not clear! The charts are good but, I would give this pattern a poor rating otherwise.  Experience required. However I have to admit, I am delighted with the end result.

Pattern: Light Foot from Red Bird knits

Knit on 4.5mm circ in Kertzer Northern Worsted.

Well that’s all for this week.  Visit Tami’s blog for more FO Fridays.

Too-dah-loo (wave)

WIP Weds: War on Works in progress :0)

Almost wordless wednesday…

Workin on Christmas.

Craft Group this morning, and knittin club this evening, my cup runith over :0)

Shawl and Christmas sock

For more info look here and here.

For more Wip’s visit our friends at Tami’s blog. See ya Friday

FO Friday: Remembrance Day

Today is Remembrance Day, take a moment to pray for the lost lives, military and civilian that have shaped our world. Grieve just for a moment at the waste on both sides in war and peace keeping.

Well it’s friday again! All in all a fairly productive week. Finished my Baby Hat , Mittens and designed a little scarf, for the Christmas craft sale and rounded the corner so to speak on the Christmas sock. I have been on a reading jag so the house is a bit of a tip. One has to have priorities, lol.

We are going on an adventure this weekend. As some of you know hubby has had some challenges this summer, that brought our lives to almost a stand still. Things are getting back to normal… thank goodness, so to celebrate we are going into Toronto to the ROM (Royal Ontario Museum). Yes we are geeks! It has been a while since we have visited this world class museum. Hubby, myself, our DS and his GF (who is also a little geeky) plan to enjoy the exhibits then go to the “Old Spaghetti Factory” for supper.

Baby Hat, mitts and scarf

Well for more Fun Friday projects check out Tami’s blog.

Thanks for stopping by and have a nice weekend. 

WIP Weds: Almost Wordless this week

Christmas Sock, finished heel flap
For more on this project look here.
Baby Hat and matching mittens
For more on this project look here and here.
For more “Works in Progress” join everyone at Tami’s 

FO Friday: Autumn in Canada

Well Autumn is almost over.

The leaves are turning, colours that never look so good in knitting and spinning.

I live east of Toronto, Canada, on Lake Ontario. The weather here in the fall alternates between cool, wet and cool sunny. Fall only lasts a couple of weeks around here, leaves will probibly be gone by next week. If you missed it, wednesday I posted the pictures of the Bazaar.

Sadly these will be gone soon

Finished Baby Cardigan From Cabin Fever Basic Sweater, Size 9 months, on 5mm,  used Kertzer Northern Worsted (Black), Red Heart supersaver (Fall). 5 buttons.

This worked up surpisingly quickly

Finished the “Zig Zag Scarf” by Tina Berry, 5mm, used SMC Northern Worsted.

The Garage and front door is done! I wondered if they could be finished before the weather turned cold and white.

Well, that’s it for now. Have a good weekend.

Stop by Tami’s blog for more FO’s

WIP Weds: Bazaar and Halloween

Halloween was delightful, the neighbours dressed up and came over. Dad was a Zookeeper, Mom was a giraffe, there was a little bear and a lion. Unfortunately I didn’t have the camera handy. We had 100+ visitors. DS dressed up as a Jedi to answer the door, which delighted the little ones. The weather was nice, clear and mild.

Happy Halloween

Well the Church Bazaar is over, and a tremendous success.

Everyone worked hard and many contributed by attending and purchasing the delicious baked goods, the handmade articles, the silence auction and the great lunch.

A very busy Church Bazaar

A hive of activity!

My mother and a friend working at the craft table

Ok, news flash I am not done making things for sale at the church! Looks like there will be a craft sale the first Saturday in December. So here we go with this weeks WIP’s

Light Foot Christmas sock, Roarin Cloche, Zig Zag Scarf and Baby Cardigan

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