End of the Year Funny :0)

Just love this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=endscreen&NR=1&v=nGeKSiCQkPw

Happy New Year! 2012

Festive Friday! Tomorrow is New Years eve so this post is a tad early…

Totally delicious Christmas! Lots of good stuff to eat and family to share it with :0)

The only shadow on the festivities was the very late night visit to the emergency ward with my 85 yr old MiL, the wednesday before Christmas. After enduring horrendous pain for several hours, having been given antibiotics and pain meds she recovered sufficiently to be sent home at 4:30 am, with an appointment for and ultrasound… turns out a bunch of gallstone had set up housekeeping :0( The boys were beside themselves with worry. My FiL passed many years ago, I am so lucky to have both of my parents! Well removal is to be sometime in late January, an infection needs to be treated before this can happen, still it is like having a time bomb in your backyard.

Meanwhile we bravely continued with the festivities, enjoying the lull in the storm. My family knowing what a knitting fanatic I am, were so incredibly kind and thoughtful with their gifts :0)

Just the knitting related gifts

I was so lucky DH got me the most wonderful prezies!  Book (see review here)and an online subscription to “Creative Knitting”

Knitter’s Pride Nova Interchangeable Deluxe Set of knitting needles. Started  Bandana Cowl for BiL’s Birthday January 4,2012

And Knitter’s Pride sock needles, I cast on a new pair of socks on boxing day. Just love both sets of needles! I have used addi-turbos and like them too, but I have to admit these are just as good and more versitile :0) My parents gave me a lovely knitting bag, and 2 excellent knitting books.

Beautiful sock patterns and and intersting layout. (see review here)


Very interesting book and informative includes a DVD with Ann Budd. Very disappointed in the camera work, often action shown from front of the knitter, rather than over the shoulder, and Ann Budd is knitting cross hand which may be confusing as there are almost no close ups to see what is happening with the various techniques. (See the rest of the review of this book here)

Other not knitting related gifts to numerous to mention :0) DH loved his Christmas Stocking, Handmade gifts were a delight to all recipients…

New Years Eve we are going out for an early supper then home for some movie watching till midnight then cheers and to bed. As you can tell we are party animals. New Years Day the family dinner here, and much visiting by all.

I will close this post hopeing you had a Merry Christmas and with best wishes to you and yours for a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year!

Join our many friends for the New Years Blog party at Tami’s

WIP Weds and FO Friday: Final Post before Christmas 2011

Well only 4 sleeps till the big day.

Tonight The Durham Handspinning Guild meets for our annual Christmas dinner out. Like last year we are meeting at Zante’s in downtown Bowmanville for supper. I look forward to the delightful banter, joking and fine food with great friends. There are only 4 of us currently, but we are busy doing demonstrations during the spring and summer months and get together for the DKC knit frolic, Kitchener Waterloo knitters fair, Campbellford Spin-in, The Gathering and other notable events. This year in a spirit of fibre I have made each of them a knitted Christmas Ball. (shhh don’t tell!) here is another pattern I am fond of.

The gifts are finished and most of them wrapped, the stocking stuffers are ready to be stuffed. The tree has been trimmed, and I am making the Gingerbreads this evening. As I mentioned before, we are hosting the In-laws for Christmas eve supper. Prime Rib with Roast Potatoes, Yorkshire Pudding and Veg. with stollen for dessert. This will be the first Christmas that we take over from my MiL cooking the festive meal. Changing the guard is a little wrenching, however it will do her good to just sit and enjoy!

Then we head to Church for the 11:00 service. This is my favourite service of the year, church is dark and candles are lit and the hymns are beautiful. I sing in the choir, there is something very magical about seeing all those faces each lit by a single candle. At the end of the service we file out into the snowy Christmas night everyone wishing Merry Christmas with lots of Hugs and hand shakes. ( I don’t know if there will be snow this year), then we head home to bed.

I Like handmade ornaments on the tree, Mom the china painter did the chickadee and I smocked the ball.

Christmas morning, we have Chelse bun served with Tea by the tree (or sometimes in bed if my son is in a hurry to get us up) Once up and dressed we head over to my parents home (a 10 min drive across town) to celebrate with them. Sadly this is the year my brother and his family are not with us from Wisconsin. We will miss them terribly, hopefully they will join us next year. We spend a lovely afternoon with my parents and watch the Queen’s Christmas message and prepare the Christmas dinner. My husband’s family joins us for supper, and we have a nice evening visiting.

Boxing day, DH and my DS visit the computer stores for the sales. I put my feet up and prepare for New Years!

Well this is the last post of 2011, it has been a full year with lots going on. Many FO’s, many books read, a garden planted and harvested. All in all an eventful year.

Wishing you a

very Merry Christmas

 and a Happy and Prosperous New Year!

Blessings to you and yours.

For more fun and festivities visit Tami’s Blog

Favourite Picture :0)

FO Friday: Ginkgo, Booties and Decoration!

Good Morning all you fibreholics. Have you finished your Christmas preparations? I am almost done! The biggest thing I had to do was for Mom. Tah Dah… for more info look here.

Gingko Shawl

Well for more fasinatin Friday go to Tami’s Blog!
Have a nice weekend,
only 9 more sleeps to Christmas!

WIP Weds: More Christmas decorations

Hello all! Week two of cracked rib. Christmas continues to approach and I am up to my eyeballs in aligators.  Christmas shopping which is usually done by October is not finished yet. Still have to do stockings, gingerbread cookies, stollen and buy a new mattress for DS. Several presents to get, thank goodness almost all the handmade gifts are done. While laid up finished reading Sharon Lathan’s “Mr & Mrs Fitzwilliam Darcy: Two shall become one” for review look here.

35 Beryl Hexs

Thanks for visiting, for more great Works in Progress see Tami’s Blog

Did you get your Christmas gift yet?

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Books: Mr & Mrs Fitzwilliam Darcy: Two shall become one by Sharon Lathan

Mr & Mrs Fitzwilliam Darcy: Two shall become one

By Sharon Lathan

Just finished this novel, I am very disappointed! To be kind I would recommend that the author actually read the original “Pride and Prejudice” by Jane Austen rather than rely on the film version presented by Deborah Moggach and Joe Wright.

This novel has all the depth of a Harlequin romance.  The storyline is stagnant and the characters lack eloquence and personality. The dialogue is stilted and repetitive lacking imagination. The book meanders with no development or direction from one meaningless event to another. There is an effort to engage the reader in puerile titillation which could be described as soft porn, and totally unworthy of the majestic intentions of Jane Austen and an insult to the period depicted in her novel. More research might have assisted the author in developing a feeling for the society in which she set her story, in this respect the editor of this book has as much to answer for as the author!

I have endeavored to find one redeeming feature to this novel that might induce me to recommend anyone to read it, sadly, I can find nothing.

If I could return this book, I would!

Dear reader, I have never given as poor a review as this before,

and hope never to again!

 Sequels are never as good as the original you may think: Yes and No, Yes because, lets face it Jane Austen was a wiz with dialogue. No, because I think that novels like Linda Berdoll’s (sequel to “Pride and Prejudice”) “Mr Darcy takes a Wife” and “Darcy and Elizabeth” and Alexandra Ripley’s “Scarlett” and Donald McCaig’s “Rhett Butler’s People”(sequels to “Gone with the Wind”) or “Mrs DeWinter” (sequel to “Rebecca”) by Susan Hill, are excellent.

Make no mistake however, it is a bit hit and miss reading a sequel of a well loved classic. We all have ideas where our favourite characters should go, and how their relationships should unfold, so disappointment is a risk. I for one, feel a loss when I get to the end of an old favourite and wish there was more… I cheer for those authors that go out on the edge and try to find more story behind these great works. If they write them I will continue to read them with hopeful anticipation knowing there will likely be duds in the bunch, and totally enjoying those that are sucessful. Let me know if you find anything good out there:0)

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