FO Friday: Hurry, Hurry, Christmas is coming!

Christmas Balls are multiplying around here,

and the Gingko Shawl for my mother is almost completed.

Meanwhile I have finished my Christmas gift for you

pattern xl-cup-sweater 3

Merry Christmas, I hope the season brings you all that you deserve and more!

Visit Tami’s Blog for more festive treats :0)

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WIP Weds: Gingko shawl for Christmas and Ouch!

Ouch, well I am going to have more knitting time this christmas! Yes, I fell down the stairs. Covered in bruises and have a cracked rib. With so much to do, I haven’t time for this. Christmas Luncheon with the Craft group, Supper with the spinners, 3 church services in the choir, Ratz! Doctor says exspect about 6 weeks… Oh well, I guess I am glued to the chair directing the troops. Christmas tree there and use that paper to wrap this present :0) The boys will be pleased when I am back on my feet.

Back to presents, enough complaining. Here is the progress on the Gingko Shawlette for mom. Further details here.

Yarn details appear on my ravelry pg

Also working on another hat.

Long-tail cast on with 2 colours of yarn

26 hexagons on the Beryl blanket

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FO: Christmas Decorations as promised

Winter has arrived, we had major flurries on Weds. and it is getting cold enough to wear the winter, winter coat as opposed to the fall coat or the winter coat.  We also have a basement, upstairs, and an up-upstairs. Did I ever  tell you we are a bit of an odd family? Well back to the preparations for Christmas. This will be the first year MiL will come here for Christmas eve dinner (my DH is of german extraction) at 85 yrs she has finally passed the torch to us, as BiL in not kitchen friendly. DH is taking great pleasure planning and replanning the festive dinner for his Mom.  On Christmas day it will be dinner with my parents (I am of english extraction). It is amazing how well it has worked out over the years, never any conflict over who to go to when at Christmas, and we have always lived close enough to make the trip to each house a pleasure.  My brother is not so lucky as SiL’s family is in the states so we only see them for Christmas every other year, and this is not the year… I always miss them when they don’t come up from Wisc.

Well, here are the promised Christmas Decorations, beware they are really addictive!

First 3 Christmas Balls

Also finished One of the Hats

Darling Hubby was so nice as to model :0)

For more Finished Object Friday visit Tami’S blog
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Event: CP Holiday Train

Pictures from local paper, it was too dark for my camera

We have a tradition in  Bowmanville, my parents home is in the perfect location on the edge of town to see this magical event. This monday the CP (Canadian Pacific) Christmas Train made its way through your lovely little town. For several years now, friends and family gather, bringing the first of the home-made christmas treats to share and visit. As the time draws near all the lights are turned out as chairs are positioned at the windows to wait for the train to pass.  We watch the train tunnel, barely visible in the darkness, till the head light on the train shines through to tell us it is coming.  The train comes rolling down the track, all coloured Christmas lights and movement. Each year this is the beginning of the Christmas season for me. Please read the attached article and make a donation to your local food bank this season.

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