Current to do List :0)

I am going to update this list on a regular basis to keep track of what I am working on because 1 project is never enough! As these items are completed they will be moved to the “This years Finished stuff” Page

  1. Walk to Shetland – Test knit
  2. Soper Creek Yarn Challenge
  3. Because of Love Beret –  Carry along Forum
  4. Small Lace Bag – Carry along Forum
  5. Abigail Vest
  6. 3 Tams (C)  (2 of 12 hats in 2011 / 7 of 12 in 2012)
  7. Pine Forest Baby Blanket ( 12 in 2012)
  8. Cosy Winter Shawl (12 shawls in 2012 / 12 in 2012)
  9. Beryl Blanket (on going project)
  10. Immie Blanket (12 in 2012)
  11. Roarin Cloche (12 hats in 2012)
  12. Hill Walker Socks (12 in 2012)

updated 02/02/12

FO Friday: Coffee anyone? I know I need some!

Friday has rolled around again, and I haven’t finished much. Yesterday was spent in a waiting room at the Hospital. What a day – 4 hours! Procedure went fine. MiL took a spill arriving home. Ok finally got her home and comfortable, settled for a rest. Went home had shower and nap, woke to go back to the hospital again – Pancreatitis, complication from gasto thing to remove gallstone, another 8 hours in the hospital… She is one sick little cookie, she is looking rather small and sad. Have to say Canadian Medicine rocks, the nurses and Doctors could not he kinder and more active in trying to fix her up! She is in for the night, wonder what today will bring. Getting a little tired.

Did finish a new Coffee Cup Sweater so my coffee cup is going to stay warm in this really cold winter weather. See link to new free pattern!

Safety Line marker, It’s a good thing!

While making socks with after thought heels, I decided that using waste yarn didn’t work for me so this experiment was born. I have used these threaded throught as safety lines several times, they went in easily, stayed in place and where easily removed. They are reuseable, a great little tool. Going to make long ones for shawl knitting safety lines. See link to free instructions on above.

Safety Line in use as a waste yarn for after thought heels.

You will need: 24” of 9 Ib plastic line 2 size 6/0 beads 1 light weight bead 1 – 2mm crip bead scissors pliers

This weeks book is Oceans of Fire by Christine Feehan #3 in the Drake Sisters series. Abbey is the sister that has the gift of truth, this isolates her from others as she must be very careful not to use her talent accidentally. Her affinity for the ocean draws her into deep waters.


FO’s 2012 = 5

WIP’s 2012 = 6

Stash used = 6

Stash Purchase = 3

Books = 6

Well that’s it for me, thanks for stopping by. Have a good weekend, Things can only improve here.     

If you have a moment please leave a comment.

For more great “Finished Objects” go visit Tami’s Blog.

WIP Weds: Totally PO’d

In the last year I have knit about 2 dozen “Coffee Cup Sweaters” 3 free patterns found here. Kept 2 for me, someone has pinched them! Can’t blame willow, she doesn’t drink coffee.  It is below zero here in Canada, so I have to get busy and knit some more. Here is the beginning of #4 the newest version!

Coffee Cup Sweater # 4

Meanwhile here is the latest “Work in Progress” list because one project is never enough!

Roarin Cloche

1) Roarin cloche  not much done lately, not really a fan of felting have been putting it off. ( made from stash 1 ball)

Immie Baby Blanket

2) Immie Baby Blanket Just love this, but a little to complicated to do at the moment (Made from stash 3 balls so far)

Beryl Blanket

3) Beryl Blanket hexs = 38 Still plugging away on this one adding hexs as I finish fingering projects (made from stash – odds and ends)

Pine Forest Baby Blanket

Pine Forest Baby Blanket

This one is on a spring deadline, so I have to get to work on it! Currently 20 repeats. (made from stash – 2 balls so far)

Cozy Winter Shawl

5) Cozy Winter Shawl This one is my own design, hope to finish and release in Feb, only 2 more border repeats to go! (made from 3 balls of stash)

6) Sue’s Hill Walking Socks 

Toe-up socks, in developement. Anyone want to test this for me? Contact me and we’ll talk :0) (made from stash – 1 ball)

As you can see I have a few things on the go!

FO’s 2012 = 3

WIP’s 2012 = 6

Stash used = 6

Stash Purchase = 3

Books = 5

See ya Friday, Take Care all. Visit Tami’s Blog for more WIP’s

FO Friday: Count Blessing day and finished scarf, woot!

Count blessings day! Good news, more good news, and you guessed it, more good news! MiL and I went to surgeon wednesday and no operation for her, going to remove gallstones with a scope thing! Her pancreas is fat, pink and healthy (there had been a suspicious shadow on the first test…wheew) Second Dad had a episode where he was dropping stuff, long story short Doctor thought might be stroke…not! Everything is fine and back to normal! Finally Mom saw kidney specialist and function is actually impoving, yeh mom! I want to thank all who have commented lately, I’ve been having a rough time with health issues in the family, you’ve been a great support and again I thank you!

Went to Knittin Club in  the evening and celebrated with two balls of lovely yarn… I know any excuse to improve stash! I have knit 6 balls from stash so far this year, 6 to 2  I am down 4 so far right?

Berroco Vintage, I have plans!

Yes, this is the scarf that never ends, it goes on and on my friend. Well it’s done! I now remember why I only knit scarves for people I love! Happy 50th Birthday to my favourite and only brother! You don’t look a day over 49, lol!

Irish Hiker Scarf 5 1/2" x 55 1/2" lovely and soft

Imagine this on a tall business man with a fadora :0)

As far as Books go I am just finishing “Twilight before Christmas” by Christine Feehan this is the 2nd book in the Drake Sisters series. It’s a story about 7 magical sisters. In this story Kate, the second sister has the gift of voice, she brings peace and harmony to all who hear her. Not the strongest of the books, but nice light read at this time of year.

Well that’s me for another friday, I was so delighted to see so many WIP’s on weds. 88 can you believe it! If you have a chance jump over to Tami’s Blog and admire the wonderful stuff people are making, and Wisdom begins in wonder.

Video Tutorials: Useful stuff from Lucy Neatby

 Lucy Neatby is one of my favourite knitters, she does great tutorials and DVD’s too!

  1. German Twisted Cast on (deeper edge good for socks)
  2. Navajo knitting (Make 3 times thicker)
  3. Tidiest Bobble stitch; making 3 from one

As you can see well worth buying her DVD’s

Wip Weds: I was naughty, sorta

Ok, my sweetheart says I am still pure… he purchased the yarn not me. It still came through the door of my house. Does this count? I needed some Berrocco Vintage to make a scarf for my darling Brothers 50th Birthday. Parents have announced they are heading to Wisconsin for the celebration. As I cannot go I am sending him a handmade present. Had to really look around for a masculine looking conservative looking scarf. My brother is a banker and wears suits and overcoats to work, add to that I’m not sure what colour his coat is. After much thought decided to go for a heathered, mossy green sort of, will go with blue, grey, or brown.  Settled on Irish hiking scarf. I am not a fan of cables, and haven’t done any in sometime. However I am enjoying it, much to my surprise.

Nothing else is getting much attention as there is a deadline for this.

Other projects in the pipe found here. Simple Ridges is done but everything else is pretty much on hold.

Books: Began reading Magic in the Wind, the first of the Drake Sisters Novels by Christine Feehan. They are a good read on a cold afternoon. About 7 magical sisters, you guessed it there are 7 books.

She has started an overlapping series about 7 magical brothers, I have purchased the first two of those, so I want to catch up before I start the new ones.

Well that’s all folks, please feel free to drop me a comment, I enjoy hearing from you!

See ya on friday, god willing :0)

You should pop over to Tami’s Blog and see what’s cookin!

FO Friday: Simple Ridges, Hugs and Kisses and North and South.

Well this has been a busy week! I am amazed that anything got finished. Doctors, and tests. Every day this week had something. DH, myself and MiL have all had appointments. It is friday and as we speak I am at the Oshawa General Hospital helping my MiL through a CT scan. Her gallbladder has been stable since christmas. She has decided that this is all a nonsense, she doesn’t need surgery, leave me alone! Seeing the surgeon again next we to decide on a plan of action.

Simple Ridge Shawl: project 2-2012 / shawl 1-2012

In amongst all this activity I finally finished the Simple Ridges Shawl. For pattern details see my Ravelry page. As I stated on Wednesday, I don’t crochet (not for lack of trying) so I had to come up with a solution for the finished border.

This pattern actually calls for dk, however I wanted a heavier shawlette so used worsted. Easy to knit, my only complaint is I find it a bit webby, this problem would be even worse in dk which was recommended.

Edge CO 5 st Row1: k4, k2tog. Row2: k3, yo, k2 Row3: k5, k2tog (continue knitting alt rows with k2tog at shawl edge) Row4: k4, yo, k2 Row6: k5, yo, k2 Row8: k6, yo, k2 (9st) Row9: k8, k2tog Row10: k9 Row11: cast off 4 st, k4, k2tog

I am satisfied with the results, however I don’t think I would knit this pattern again, it is a little to simple for my tastes.

Sue’s Hugs and Kisses Socks

This pattern has been on the back burner for a while, hope you like it!

A FFO (Finally finished Object)

Book: North and South by Elizabeth Gaskell

( On ebook)

This is an old favourite, I have read it more times than I can count. Published in 1855, it is the story of Miss Margaret Hale the daughter of a Clergyman turned Private Tutor, her experiences and change of attitude.

She has been raised in London by her Aunt, and received an excellent education (not common at that time), polish and elegance that society brings and with her own good judgement, she returns home to her family. Her idyllic life in the New Forest (the south) is lost by her father’s disaffection with the church.

They remove to Milton, an Industrial town (the north).  She meets both the labourer and the manufacturer, leading to a broader understanding of both.

This book straddles the style of Jane Austen and Charles Dickens writings, as gentle, but more socially aware than the former, but less gritty than the later. There is romance and misunderstandings ala “Pride and Prejudice”, I have to admit I find Mr.Thornton a much more human character than Darcy!

 13 days and counting without stash enhancement!

That’s all for this week, thanks for visiting!

For more inspiring Finished Objects visit Tami’s Blog

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