WIP Weds: New Year and New Year Resolutions!

It’s a New year and as I look around my livingroom, peeking out from around the furniture and under couches and chairs, are the partly hidden stash bunnies of 2011. Stash busting last year disposed of alot of these guys, but some of their friends moved in and multiplied. Lets face it I am a fibreholic! My studio is entirely unusable. I tend to sit in the living room anyway right? Well with major embarassment I am presenting this mess.

Livingroom Stash Bunnies hiding behind chair – cleaned up!

Studio before

Still working on this!

Secret Spinning stash in DS Room

Have to finish the studio first <blush bright red>

Now I have aired the closets so to speak, you will have a better understanding of my proposed resolutions…

I declare January “Stash organization Month”! – I did clear and organize the stash in the livingroom!

New years resolutions 2012 – and how they worked out!

    • I will organize and catalogue my stash – Part 1 done: Livingroom  (Livingroom a tip again have to start fresh in 2013)
    • I will remove the secret spinning stash from my sons room (promise) this was supposed to be temporary while we were renovating. My DS has been very understanding about his mothers habit. <blush> (Well took till November, but all the boxes have been removed! Note his room is still a mess, books all over the floor and on every surface! University!)
    • I will make parcels of at least 12 items to be made out of stash in 2012 done!
    • I will reduce the stash by relocating to new homes as gifts and donations – some done, need to do more! (I am continueing in the campagne in 2013)
    • I will not replenish my stash as it deminishes unless DH approves (well maybe this rule can be a little flexible?) (update this lasted for 14 days) I am going to see how long I will last this year!
    • My studio will be dumped out and made into a haven for Knitting, sewing and scrapbooking! Still working on this one!
    • I will complete one handmade gift for each of the 11 people that will be joining us Christmas 2012 (see #3 and #4) – working on this onedone for 2012!
    • 90% of Bazaar items this year will be made out of stash. – done!
    • I will make my DH and DS each a pair of socks –  Hey! Done!
    • I will make a large, complicated project! Done! Afternoon Tea shawl
    • Last fibre related resolution, I will spin everyday even if it is only 15 mins before bedtime! I have not managed this yet!

I begin the year with 7 WIP’s (Some are leftovers from last year)

  1.  Sue’s EZ Toe-up Socks (these are my own design) done
  2. Simple Ridges Shawlette (started last year, got bored) done
  3. Cozy Winter Shawl (my own design, will publish later)
  4. Roarin Cloche (this pattern was designed by a dear friend)
  5. Immie Baby Blanket (another unfinished last year project)
  6. Beryl Blanket (the adventure continues)
  7. Pine Forest Blanket (have selected the yarn from stash!)

Well as you can see I have plans… DH, who thinks he is a very funny fellow, has declared that he will be monitoring progress and will update my blog with reports!

14 days managed without stash enhancement

Hopefully I will do better next year :0)

Updated April 24, 2012

Watch for further updates as I begin this years adventure.

Meanwhile thanks for reading my ramblings,

Waddle over to Tami’s blog, there are more fibreholics over there  :0)


7 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. nursenikkiknits
    Jan 04, 2012 @ 11:43:03

    I’m looking forward to seeing the “after” pictures of your stash makeover! It looks like a lot of work but I’m sure you will feel great when it’s done.


  2. chrisknits
    Jan 04, 2012 @ 12:39:07

    You won’t believe how much better you feel once it’s all done. I have mine cataloged in excel and now keep running totals as the stash depletes. And having it contained and identified helps me find what I want. It also helped to create a file of the items I want to knit using stash yarn. That way I am never at a loss for what to knit next.


  3. Laura
    Jan 05, 2012 @ 11:37:25

    Ooh, I love ‘before and after’ pictures. I should really take one of our study/craft room before we redecorate.

    Your resolutions look good and doable too 🙂 I think 2012 is going to be a stash-buster for lots of us. Look forward to hearing about progress!


  4. sarahfay
    Jan 05, 2012 @ 18:05:12

    We really don’t want to go into stash stashing, do we? Good luck in your endeavors. If you manage you will be my hero!


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