The not so FO Friday: Claret well on the way

Good morning everyone!

Here in Canada we are beginning the Labour day  Holiday weekend.

I am beavering away on my Claret Cowl. The yarn is done and the knitting begun.

I decided at the last moment that the fair judges needed a little eye candy and added beads every 8 rows.  They are slowing me down a bit, but I think I can get it done by next Thursday when all entries must be in. Hopefully I can get my tea cosy done too.

Working on 4.50mm circ

I cast on 99 st instead of the 88 st in the pattern

close-up of beads

Currently reading: Tenant of  Wildfell Hall by Anne Bronte

I read this some years ago and just picked it up to reread. Written in 1848, (Anne died in 1849) the second of the two novels she wrote (Agnes Grey 1847) I don’t understand why Anne Bronte is not as famous as her other sisters. She was over shadowed by her far more popular sisters Charlotte and Emily Bronte.

In this novel,the main characters, Hellen and Gilbert, have a very difficult time of it, but everything comes out right in the end. Virtue triumphs, the depraved get their comeuppance. I highly recommend this book the writing and langauge make this a really and excellent read!

My Fair entry List

Current WIPS

FO’s 2012 =  52

Patterns from my own Library = 5

WIP’s 2012 = 6

Stash used 2012 = 63 + 1 = 64

Stash Purchased 2012 = 79

Beryl Blanket Hexes =  48

Books =  25

Take Care and cya next week

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WIP Weds: Step one of Claret Cowl

Good morning all! I have been a busy girl. MiL is much improved and heading toward part two of medical issues. She has lost 52 Ibs. 1/3rd of her weight, thank goodness she is improving. She is getting up and around again. More on this next month.  My back has been improving also, slowly but surely. DS is preparing for return to University for 4th year, it was only a little while ago he had is first day of school, 18 years ago! Who woulda believed it…

With all that has been going on I am rushing to finish my spinning for

The Claret Cowl by Jennifer L Gillis

Fibre & Singles superwash merino ready to be 2 plied

I have finished the singles and am ready to ply, here is my project pg.

Finished skein

208 yds 40gms 24wpi

Superwash Merino

My Fair entry List

Current WIPS

FO’s 2012 =  52

Patterns from my own Library = 5

WIP’s 2012 =  7 – 1 = 6

Stash used 2012 = 63

Stash Purchased 2012 =  77 + 2 = 79

Beryl Blanket Hexes =  48

Books =  25

Take Care and cya next Friday

WIP Weds and Friday’s at Tami’s

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Wise Old Wives!

Ok, Those Old Wives knew a few things…

  • For bug bites rub a little vinegar and it will stop the itch
  • Use a fertizier spreader to spread Tide laundry detergent on your grass to get rid of sinch bugs
  • Use Brown paper and an iron to get candle wax out of fabrics and carpet
  • Mint tea is good for your tummy and is decaffinated.
  • Too much sun, rub a lime on the skin, repeat before you go to bed.
  • Cayenne Pepper will make the worst cuts and scrapes stop bleeding, with only a momentary sting.

If you can add anything to this list please put it in comments

I’ll add other brilliant ideas as I find them :0)

Wednesday: The few daz from hell!

First I apologize for not working on WIP’s this week! Sunday started off lovely, beautiful day then OUCH! Yup, my back! Over the last few years I have developed Arthritis. Not fun. No sleep, can’t find a comfortable place to rest, this is hell!  I’m Wheelchairs R Us, for awhile. Well it will pass with lots of meds and tens-machine, my darling bought me.

Meanwhile back at the ranch, almost nothing but reading is getting done.

Since friday I have read

All three 50 shades books by E.L.James:

Ok, this series promises much, rumours about it abound, but all and all I found it rather disappointing. Whoever edited these books didn’t do the author any favours. There is usually an internal rhythm to the narrative in a book, this one constantly feels like this is the concluding chapter, everything is going to wind up, and then a new thread begins. As far as the sex (bdsm etc)interesting but not much of it, some “b” some “d” a very tiny bit of “s&m”. As far as the characters relationship, this book seems to revolve around trust, and learning to live together as a “normal” couple…
To sum these books up: Very messed up man, lets call him “Bossy Beast” meets Pretty, witty, virgin, lets call her “Challenging Beauty” take it from there. To be entirely truthful, I enjoyed it, but for the life of me I don’t know why, kind of like a bag of chocolates, when the bag is empty you wonder at how quickly they disappeared while licking your lips

and The Lady is a Vamp by Lynsay Sands

Just love Lynsay Sands. Great summer read, full of wit, and humour!
Put on your bunny slippers, get a cup of tea, and enjoy a visit with the Argeneau family, you’ll love them too…

Oh, Consumer Warning: When getting a newer model kitten, check the owners manual for the do not attack and subdue the kleenex in the garbage can monster, button. Some of the of the newest models are missing this feature. Note the newest model kitten then switches off until the batteries are completely recharged.  This model has been mentioned in consumer reports for issues with rolls of toilet paper too. Ask your dealer for further details… :0)

Basement kitten after garbage fiasco

WARNING! Be very careful when operating your kitten around fleeces or yarn, as stash damage may result!

Yes I have put in some more spinning time and I continue to work on Easy Peazy, but generally working on getting better.

Current WIPS

FO’s 2012 =  52

Patterns from my own Library = 5

WIP’s 2012 =  7

Stash used 2012 = 63

Stash Purchased 2012 =  77

Beryl Blanket Hexes =  48

Books =  21 + 4 = 25

Take Care and cya next Friday

WIP Weds and Friday’s at Tami’s

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FO Friday: Total embarrassment!

Ok, it’s not for lack of trying! I have been doing my best to finish things up for friday, honest!

Mr. Small and Furry, climbs in my lap and curls up on my fibre or gets involved.  Willow learned long ago, spinning is a spectator sport. Jack has finally got the idea that knitting is not a cooperative venture, well most of the time…

The new toy – “Here let me show you how it works!”

I am a good way along with the singles. Thanks for the suggestion, Minding my own stitches. Yes I think a Handspun cowl is in order, I think the Claret cowl pattern is the one!

Times running out I gotta get a move on!

Sorry I haven’t got more to show for my week, I’m usually more productive :0(

Take Care and cya next week

WIP Weds and Friday’s at Tami’s

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WIP Weds: Working toward the Orono Fair Entries.

This is indeed  the silly season. Busy, busy, busy, the Craft Fair, Visitors, Ravellenic Games and now the Orono fair. Three items to be finished and all items to be delivered by Thursday September 6th between 8am – 10am.

This week working on #17, not sure what the artical will be yet

Superwash Merino – Gorgeous stuff I won from Rosehaven farms Picton Ontario, at Campbellford spin-in a couple of years ago.

A peek at my pocket Garden!

Garden patch on deck Grand Rapids – lettuce and 5 types of patio tomatoes

The lettuce is already finding its way into sandwiches!

This year I have a long list of entries. (items with an * are in production)

  1. Tea Cosy *
  2. Shawl – Afternoon Tea shawl
  3. scarf – wingspan with beads
  4. Cowl – horseshoe cowl
  5. Cardigan Childs – Autumn cardigan
  6. Headgear – Because of love beret
  7. mitts – Arc mitts
  8. Any other knit garment not listed – Barley Corn Newborn Cuddle Cocoon
  9. Socks – Sue’s Boxes with a twist socks
  10. Christmas stocking – Christmas Sock
  11. decorated hat – Easter hat
  12. child’s stuffed toy –  Pookies
  13. small novelty item for Bazaar – Untangled #5
  14. handspun skein – 2ply seawool
  15. handcrafted jewellry – Rosary
  16. small christmas tree decoration – Christmas Balls
  17. handspun artical *

Current WIPS

FO’s 2012 =  52

Patterns from my own Library = 5

WIP’s 2012 =  3 + 4 = 7

Stash used 2012 = 63

Stash Purchased 2012 =  77

Beryl Blanket Hexes =  48

Books = 20 + 1 = 21

Take Care and cya next Friday

WIP Weds and Friday’s at Tami’s

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FO Friday: The Ravellenic Games 2012 Finishing up with the Handspun Heptathlon

The Olympics are drawing to a close, as are the Ravellenic Games 2012.

My final event the Handspun Heptathlon is done!


Seawool: 30% seacell / 70% Superwash Merino

On the swift

2ply fingering 16wpi, 172yds

Lendrum Handspun seawool singles

My Single Treadle Lendrum Spinning wheel

swift by Alvin Ramer of colbourne, ontario Cda

My Swift by Alvin, he also does beautiful woolcombs

Now to get ready for the Orono Fair, in September.

The question was asked “What do you plan to do with your skein”

This year it will be for the Handspun skein entry in our local fair. Next year probibly Handspun Artical, probiby a shawlette. We live about an hour east of Toronto. Our local fair is a traditional Canadian country fair, with sheep shearing tractor pulls fruit and veg judging, Jams, jellies, pies etc. On Sunday my spinning group “The Durham Handspinning Guild” meet to spin for the public in the “Bunny Barn”. We are there from 10 – 4:00 if you would like to join us, knitters are welcome :0)

FO’s 2012 = 51 + 1 = 52

Patterns from my own Library = 5

WIP’s 2012 = 4 – 1 = 3

Stash used 2012 = 63

Stash Purchased 2012 = 69 + 8 = 77

Beryl Blanket Hexes =  48

Books = 20

Take Care and cya next Wednesday,

WIP Weds and Friday’s at Tami’s

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