WIP Weds: Wingspan in full Olympic swing

Hello all, it has been a very busy week!

Friday was the start of the Olympics and the cast on for my Ravellenic 2012 project, Wingspan.

Saturday was an emergency visit to the vet for 3 month old Jack. I got up in the morning and found him with a swollen cheek and nose. He was a little angel, no fuss over 3 shots. Give him kitten cookies and you can do anything to him. Not sure what happened, either Willow was beating him into submission or something bit him. The following day he was back to normal but napped most of the day. Poor little man.

Poor Jack after the vet, 2lbs and 3months old with swollen cheek and nose.

On saturday afternoon we went to the loveliest wedding either of us have ever been to. The son of a dear friend married his sweetheart.

They are a delightful couple who are very much in love.

Allysn and Adrian making during their vows

Lovely sunny day for a garden wedding, beautiful happy couple.

Perfect day followed by a lively reception.

Wishing these two a long, happy and prosperous life together.

Meanwhile I have been plugging away on my beaded Wingspan.

Ravellenic Games Wingspan

Almost done, 14hrs and 46mins, 6 and 1/4 wings done

since the lighting of the Olympic torch!

The Jar Aug 1,2012

The Jar is filling up too.

Started in March here it is August 1st.

Take Care and cya Friday

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WIP Weds and Friday’s at Tami’s

7 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Random Knits
    Aug 01, 2012 @ 12:23:37

    Your Wingspan looks amazing. You have been busy. So much of it is done already. I hope Jack is feeling much better and getting all the attention he could ever want.


  2. kitenswithmittens
    Aug 01, 2012 @ 12:37:41

    Willow is regreting that he is feeling much better lol


  3. Minding My Own Stitches
    Aug 01, 2012 @ 12:59:40

    Poor little Jack – how sweet is he?! Great progress on your wingspan! I’m feeling like I’m bringing up the rear of the field 🙂


  4. Janet
    Aug 01, 2012 @ 14:32:45

    You’ve made terrific progress on your wingspan. I love watching the Olympics and all the extra knitting time. Glad Jack is doing better.


  5. sarahfay
    Aug 01, 2012 @ 20:34:40

    I haven’t seen a beaded wingspan yet, wow! Good luck with the games.


  6. omlair
    Aug 02, 2012 @ 07:00:38

    oh poor jack! glad he’s feeling better! It’s so sad when you can tell they’re not thereselves!

    Love the wingspan, make sure you take photos wearing it!


  7. Regula
    Aug 02, 2012 @ 08:16:30

    Great wingspan! My jar is filling up slowly but steadily too. 😉


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