Happy New Year 2013!

My DS usually spends New Years Eve with his friends, while DH and I go out for a romantic dinner together. Tomorrow the family will gather at our house for early dinner and celebrate the New Year. We always spend the first and last day of the year with the people we love.

I competed my MiL’s Scarf, it has ended up as a late Christmas Present


MiL christmas scarf finished with 2 1/2 hours to spare, New Years eve!

MiL christmas scarf finished with 2 1/2 hours to spare, New Years eve!

Where to go to see all last years projects on Ravelry.com

And the Jar, from March to December 2012

The Jar Dec 2012

The Jar Dec 2012

I think I’ll but it in an onion bag in the spring and watch for colourful nests.

My New Years Resolutions for 2013

  1. I will Complete 7 WIP’s that have been sitting around.
  2. I will knit both sweater patterns my DH gave me for Christmas 2012!
  3. I have given up on organizing my stash, instead I will parcel up 13 projects with pattern,  stash yarn etc that I will make this year!
  4. I will make ALL items for the Church Bazaar and craft sales from stash!
  5. I will not replenish my stash as it deminishes unless DH approves (well maybe this rule can be a little flexible? I need to get the yarn for #8) (update this lasted for 14 days last year) I am going to see how long I will last this year!
  6. Goal this year, significant stash reduction!
  7. My studio will be dumped out and made into a haven for Knitting, sewing and scrapbooking!
  8. I will complete one handmade gift for each of the 11 people that will be joining us Christmas 2013
  9. I will make my DH and DS each a Hat
  10. Last fibre related resolution, I will spin more.

Last Years New years resolutions – How they worked out!

I begin the year with 7  WIP’s (Leftovers from last year)

This year I’m beginning by reading

Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte on my new Koboglo. This was a free download. This is an old favourite, I reread it every few years.

I had to share this with you. A friend of ours quipped,

“In 2012, you got an Ebike, and an Ebook, you should tell your Efriends”

Bye the Bye, the Koboglo has been a steep learning curve, however I am beginning to get the hang of it, and like it better than my old Sony ereader. It holds loads more books (2gb can be upgraded to 32gb), needs a lot less chargeing it lasts a month, super easy to load new books on, and Kobo offers a wide selection of free ebooks. I like the self system and connectivity to the web. I wasn’t too sure about the touch screen till I bought a rubber tipped stylus. My hands shake and this was causing problems. I have downloaded  a bunch of knitting pattern PDFs so I can carry them around when looking for yarn or knitting. I also read at night in bed, DH loves the glo feature! No more midnight bed side lamp. I would recommend this  product. Warning, needs patience to get it working, after that it is a breeze. 

FO 2011 = 105  

FO’s 2012 =  78 (I did a few more large projects)

WIPS 2013 = 7

Stash used 2012 = 88 (stunned by this total!)

I will not mention yarn Purchased last year!

Books 2011 = 45  Books 2012 = 48

Well I wish you and yours a happy, healthy, prosperous and productive

New Year

Music to end the year: Auld Lang Syne

Thanks again for visiting,

cya Friday

I’m off to visit Tami’s, then on to my blogwalk

come join me in the blogpond :0)

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