Trent Durham Area Day of Celebration 2013

Trent Durham Area Day of Celebration 2013

I attended last year and enjoyed it so much,

I was looking forward to going this year.

It started with registration from 8:30 to 9:30 (I was a little late but still managed to enjoy a coffee before it started)

Then into St Peter’s Anglican Church, Cobourg. A really beautiful old Victorian church, light and airy with impressive stainglass and marble memorials. The service began at 9:40.

This years theme was “Hidden Treasure: Discovering Gods Kingdom”

An excellent band “Wine before breakfast” from Wycliffe College lead us with music.(I have linked the versions of the hymns where I could find them)


The Service opened with the Gathering of the Community,

Hymn: Jesus Come, for we invite you

The Apostolic Greeting

The Collect for Purity

The Gloria (I totally enjoyed this, haven’t sung this for years!)

Opening Prayer

First reading – Proverbs 2:1-11

Hymn: Jesu, Joy of our Desiring (this was the processional at our wedding)

The Gospel reading – Matthew 13:44-46, 51-53

The Creed

Athem: The Power of the Gospel by Ben Harper

Plenary “A Romp Through the Bible” – Dr.Sylvia Keesmat A delightful sprint though the themes in the bible, done with hand drawn bristle board pictures, clothes pegs and a clothes line… great presentation!

11:15 Then off to my first workshop: Praying the rosary with Deb Irwin & Lyn Bradshaw. Great presentation, last year Deb Irwin gave the workshop on making Rosaries that I attended. This was a great follow-up. I make Protestant Rosaries for fundraisers, but I couldn’t help myself, I bought this one.

This is a Protestant rosary. Unlike a Catholic Rosary, there are 7 beads (weeks) between the cruciform beads.

This is a Protestant Rosary. Unlike a Catholic Rosary, there are 7 beads (weeks) between the cruciform beads.

12:15 We adjourned for lunch. Coffee and a box containing a choice of sandwich, in my case egg salad, olives and pickles, a small bag of raw veggies with cheese, an apple and a chocolate brownie, and coffee. Nice conversation with people at my table.

This is only part of the group that was there

This is only part of the group that was there

Then off to the book table. “Journeys: Books, Gifts and Meeting Place” is a new Anglican Bookstore that is attempting to fill the gap left when the ABC Bookstore closed. I liked their selection, bought an NRSV Bible and Beginning Prayer by John Killinger


At 1:00 Workshop two began: The Kingdom of God in Icons. Well researched and lovely visual presentation. Discussion of symbolism, history, the nature and use of Icons in prayer and meditation. The art was stunning!


At 2:15, back into the church to finish the celebration of the Eucharist.

Hymn: Athem by Leonard Cohen

Bishop Nicholls Reflect

Prayers for the people

The Peace

Offertory Hymn: Take my Life by Scott Underwood

Prayer over the Gifts and Blessing of the Rosaries

Eucharistic Prayers

The Lord’s Prayer

Breaking of the Bread

Communion Hymns: Seek ye First the Kingdom of God and The Kingdom of God is Justice and Peace (Taize chant)

Prayer after Communion


Hymn: Guide my Feet

A terrific day of worship and fellowship, it was raining and cold outside but warm within…

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