WIP Wed: Wedding, The Plan and Broken Bones!

FOfridayThe Wedding! I wish my dear cousin is as happy in her marriage as my husband and I have been over the years! Congratulations to the Happy couple!

Congratulations Debbie and Ryan

Congratulations Debbie and Ryan

Well the plan continues.

I started out with 14 wips, have finished 4, 10 more to go.

As round 2 comes to an end, I have to observe that it has been enlightening. I get up each morning and look at the list and see what the day will bring. This has imposed some discipline on my knitting. I have decided to limit my wip list to no more than 7, this is up for some adjustment… 

  1. Carry along project
  2. socks
  3. shawl
  4. larger project
  5. sweater
  6. a gift
  7. something for the Bazaar.


Pine Forest Baby Blanket 

Not much progress

Not much progress

With everything that was going on only 2 rows on this one

Saturday was the Wedding day!

Another great photo, note that their dog is in the frame on the table.

Another great photo, note that their dog is in the picture on the table.

So I have an excuse. This one got no customer attention. I planned to do some in the car on the way to the wedding, and then forgot it at home!

Sea of Dreams Blanket

I'm including this picture because I feel a little guilty for ignoring it.

I’m including this picture because I feel a little guilty for ignoring it.

Back to the routine…


SPROUT – Growing Roots sweater

Just about finished sleeve one and began sleeve two. Plan to get the body and button bands on before I finalize the sleeve lengths. Gives me a chance to try it on.

Just about finished sleeve one and began sleeve two. Plan to get the body and button bands on before I finalize the sleeve lengths. Gives me a chance to try it on.

I consider this major progress!

Top Down Swing Pullover

The next round should finish this


Fanflower Fling

Making progress!

Making progress!

Thought things would calm down for a while…

Good news my DS finally found a job! Hurray!

Ok, DS got to Toronto on bus and then train, got orientated at the new job, and came home on the train… then it went all pear-shaped! Running for bus, he tripped and broke his right clavicle, proceeded home on bus. Major pain, checked him over and the right side felt mushy. His mother frog marched him to emerg. He is now sporting a stylish blue harness for a month. He has training for the next 3 days! Three more trips!

See, no over reactions here, as his a mother I have reasons for worry!

My furry children are fine!

Willow and Jack

Willow and Jack

Current WIP List (10)

  1. Rose Harbour Shawl 40% done started Jun 28/13
  2. Isla lace Pillowcase edge  30% done started June 18/13
  3. Box of Boxes Blanket Long term project  (24 squares) started Jan 23/13
  4. Beryl Blanket – Long term project (67hexes) started Nov 21/11
  5. Mile a minute afghan – crochet 50% done started Apr 24/13
  6. Pine Forest Baby Blanket 50% done  started Jan 11/12
  7. Sea of Dreams Blanket 75% done started Mar 9/13
  8. SPROUT – Growing Roots sweater 60% done started May 17/12
  9. Top Down Swing Pullover 80% done started Jan 1/13
  10.  Fanflower Fling started Jul 12/13
  11. Ruffle Scarf   Done started Dec 3/12 finished Jul 7/13
  12. Cozy Winter Shawl   Done started Dec 1/12 – finished Jul 11/13
  13. Eileen Dress  Done started Jun 21/13 – finished Jul 11/13 
  14. Easy Peasy Shawl – 95% done started Jul 14/12 – finished Jul


FO’s 2013 = 80

+ 93 Squares & Hexes

WIPS 2013 = 10

Used of 38 purchased patterns from Rav = 9 (29 to go)

Stash Used 2013 = 69

Books 2013 = 22

Thanks again for visiting,

cya Friday:0)

I’m off to visit Tami’s, then on to my blogwalk

come join me in the blogpond :0)

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. lollyknits
    Jul 25, 2013 @ 09:22:48

    I probably need to come clean about all my UFO’s… It seems like for you, having a list means that they get done quicker!


  2. kitenswithmittens
    Jul 25, 2013 @ 23:14:53

    What makes them disappear is cycling through the list one at a time each day. It’s amazing how forced work on old wips makes them disappear!


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