WIP Weds: The KW Knitters Fair Adventure


First things first, if you missed it on Friday Basic Bra Making Part 1 is up, part 2 will be up on Friday.

 Kitchener Waterloo Knitters fair (sorry tried to put logo here, but no go :0(

There is only one event in the knitters year that my DH & DS are happy to take me to.  The Kitchener Waterloo Knitters fair. We got up bright and early, well I did, and after some poking and prodding were on our way. A bunch of local knitting friends carpooled, we bumped into them at the Tim Hortons coffee shop on our way. Kitchener, Ontario Canada, is about 2 hours from where we live. The drive across the north part of Toronto on Hwy 401 was uneventful. Like a guided missile the little echo found it’s way without the usual detours my guys are so fond of. They knew I meant business.

Just one of the aisles of fun! Lots and lots of venders, and bunches of good stuff!

Just one of the aisles of fun! Lots and lots of venders, and bunches of good stuff!

Unfortunately the only way I can do these events is in my wheelchair, with my two motors (DH & DS). We toured the rows and rows of venders.  My guys disappear to pick up a Christmas present or two for me, they stuff them in the wheelchair backpack and think I don’t know ;0)

I caught glimpses of friends among the amazing array of knitting stuff, I saw several old friends who brought me up to date on other old friends. Some good news and some sadly not so good news.

This picture is fuzzy because of yarn fumes!

This picture is fuzzy because of yarn fumes!

My DH bought me this button and gave it to me with a wink.


I am proud to say I did absolutely no stash enhancement. Most of what they had I can get at my Soper Creek Yarns, my LYS has just about everything. They do mail order if you are interested…



Can you have to many needle gauges and stitch markers?


And these are just what I need for my circs

I bought Patterns (linked the ones that are on Ravelry)

Lavender Fields shawl by Natalie Servant and Mieka sweater by Perl Grey (which is far nicer than in the pattern pic)


Hooded Scarf with Pockets by Cathy Payson (DS got all excited when he saw this, He says “Any man that wears this fears no one! Please make this for me” what could I say?

Think I'll make this out of vintage.

Think I’ll make this out of vintage.

Opal Sock Bunny – I love stuffed Bunnies! and Sea Silk Wrap by Glenys Little

I have been told by DH that this bunny would be a great companion for Maurice

I have been told by DH that this bunny would be a great companion for Maurice

Bought this at Soper Creek yarns on Tuesday, thinking Brown Bunny for DH.

More shades of brown than shown in photo.

More shades of brown than shown in photo.

I wasn’t supposed to know about this purchase at the fair. I am a big fan of Elizabeth Zimmerman. The book has since disappeared. ????????????????

I wanted this book but hadn’t got around to buying it.

So we finished up getting high on fibre fumes.  The real reason that the guys like to go to this event… A&W for lunch afterward. We got on the road and headed home. The traffic was beyond bad, bumper, to bumper for almost 2 hours (which made it a 4 hour trip), with 3 very tired people. We finally got to home to B-ville. Pulled up at Walmart for some supper supplies. I headed for the washroom on autopilot, I walked into it and suddenly stopped thinking I had walked into it not sure where I was. I must have given the woman at the sink a funny look, because the smiled and said “Yes, you are in the Ladies room” and smiled. Hahaha!

Then I thought caffeine might help, so I headed for the coffee place. I must have looked so dazed, the lady in front of me in line bought me a coffee.

All in all a delightful day!

Well between recovering from the weekend, working on The Basic Bra Tutorial and The Plan, things remain busy around here.

FYI Update on Titanium clavicle:  DS took a follow-up trip back to the fracture clinic. He is officially out of a sling! He’s healing nicely. The Surgeon recommends no professional football for 6 weeks till be gets the all clear. Being a specialist book worm and computer geek, no problem. He has declared that the scares are the result of fighting with ninjas, he winks, says it’ll impress the girlz. Great news, he can ride “Harley” again. He’s one very happy camper!

FO’s 2013 = 90  

WIPS 2013 = 10

Used of 38 purchased patterns from Rav = 9 (29 to go)

Stash Used 2013 = 77

Sewing FO’s = 3

Books 2013 = 28 + 21 = 30

Thanks again for visiting,

cya Friday :0)

I’m off to visit Tami’s, then on to my blogwalk

come join me in the blogpond :0)

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Oh and FYI I have 50% off Back to School Sale at my Ravelry Shop, now we all have so much time with the kids in school. Sale lasts to the end of the month. 3 months till Christmas people!

Some new items in my Etsy shop this week.

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