FO Friday: Deadlines and a Poll


Wishing all my Canadian readers a Happy Thanksgiving Weekend :0)

Autumn rose, we thought this rose had died last winter. It hasn't done much this summer. There are 3 more buds waiting to bloom.

Autumn rose, we thought this rose had died last winter. It hasn’t done much this summer. There are 3 more buds waiting to bloom.

This week has been a complicated. Medical tests are at best inconclusive and I have been feeling like Pooh! More tests to come. Having had issues in the past, I am rather philosophical about it, I believe in distraction therapy.  If it wasn’t for knitting, blogging and reading I would be in a funk.

I’ve decided to concentrate on things with a deadlines and planning my next photo tutorial. I also have a question for you, so I created my first poll.

Oct Kal for the Carry along forum on Rav: Iced 

I am currently working on the collar. Going to be a favourite sweater.

I am currently working on the collar. Going to be a favourite sweater.

Modification: Added 10 rows of garter stitch at bottom of the body, and intend to do the same to a longer sleeve. Started and frogged the collar, I didn’t like the cast on edge.

Christmas knitting: Cabled Hood with Pockets for DS (29 1/2″)


Loving this pattern, who would have thought? I have not been a fan of cables. Trying to convince DS that a scarf without hood is more useful. No success :0(

I posed a question to the Wednesday readers:

Is anyone interested in a Sports Bra, Ladies Underwear, or Unisex Boxer Shorts Tutorial? I am thinking of making some and will record the process. Please list which you are interested in. So far there has been one vote for a Sports Bra. Anyone else want to weigh in? I will probably be doing an example of each. So I am going to try a poll to determine which to plan first.

Current WIP List (7 + 2)

 FO’s 2013 = 95

WIPS 2013 = 7 (+ 2)

 Stash Used 2013 = 82

Sewing FO’s = 4 

Books 2013 = 33

Thanks again for visiting,

cya next week :0)

I’m off to visit Tami’s, then on to my blogwalk

come join me in the blogpond :0)

Find me at my Etsy shop: Willows Pocket 

and on  

8 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Andrea Morrison (@wonderwhygal)
    Oct 11, 2013 @ 06:23:45

    Love how the sweater and cables look. Wishing you better health.


  2. Natalie
    Oct 11, 2013 @ 09:04:55

    Thanks for the offer to document your progress – from the poll. I am always looking for boys and mens patterns and they are hard to find. Unisex boxers would be great! Also, still loving the cable work…I hope you will show the picture when it’s all finished – the scarf with pockets, I mean. Hopped over from Natural Suburbia.


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  7. susanssnippets
    Oct 25, 2013 @ 22:30:52

    Interested in the sports bra. I have a daughter who won’t wear anything else and this could be very helpful with her. Thanks for sharing.


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