WIP Weds: 9 more days to Ravellenic 2014

Knit art 1Another knitting picture :0)

Only 9 more days till Ravellenic 2014, my list is finalized and I’m ready to go. 

Oh and the Olympic games too ;0) 

Meanwhile, at my usual Friday appointment, my Physiotherapist was pleased to announce the he and his lovely wife had, had a beautiful baby girl on the previous Tuesday. Mother and Child doing fine!  So I made a little pink hat to gift him for my next appointment.

Snuggly Baby Crofter DK 1257 Sirdar

Very quick little knit. Makes me wish I had been blessed with a girl, they are so much fun to knit for :0)

Very quick little knit. Makes me wish I had been blessed with a girl, they are so much fun to knit for :0)

Shoulder Shawl 

Finished and going for testing.

Finished and going for testing.

Super simple, 150gms of Dk. If you would like to participate, please message me via Ravelry at willow4

WIP List = 10

  1. Buttermere  my Kal for Dec/13 (on hold for Ravellenic Games)
  2. Shoulder Shawl  v2 started Nov 14/13
  3. My Favourite Scarf Ever  Started Nov 2/13
  4. Cabled Hood with Pockets Started Sept 27/13
  5. Foots First Sox My design Started Jul/11
  6.  SPROUT – Growing Roots sweater 80% done started May 17/12
  7. Sea of Dreams Blanket 85% done started Mar 9/13
  8. Isla lace Pillowcase edge  60% done started June 18/13
  9. Rose Harbour Shawl 85% done started Jun 28/13
  10. Fanflower Fling  50% done started Jul 12/13

 FO’s 2014 = 5 + 2 = 7

WIPS 2014 = 10 – 1 = 9

 Stash Used 2014 =  20 + 4 = 24

Sewing FO’s 2014 = 

Books 2014 = 2

Thanks again cya Friday :0)

I’m off to visit Tami’s, then on to my blogwalk

come join me in the blogpond :0)

Find me at my Etsy shop: Willows Pocket and on Ravelry.com 

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