Winter Olympics: Let the games begin!

Ravellenic Games 2014 

Team Canada

Team Canada


For my Green Entries

Some sorting is necessary as I can only use a each project once in green events :0(

  1. Alpine Abode Enhancement ( coffee Cup sweater)
  2. Free Dance (Drip Stopper) 
  3. Hat Halfpipe (A toque fit for a Canuck, eh!)
  4. Mitten Moguls (O Canada Mittens
  5. Short-Track Shawls (?)
  6. WIPs Dancing (Buttermere Shawl)

 For Purple Entries

  1. Charity Curling (Another Pair of Mittens, Woodland Sprite Bonnet, coffee Cup sweater, Drip Stopper)
  2. Junior Ravellenics (Another Pair of Mittens
  3. Lace Luge (Buttermere Shawl, Woodland Sprite Bonnet )
  4. Nordic Colorwork Combined (A toque fit for a Canuck, eh!, O Canada Mittens, coffee Cup sweater
  5. Single-Skein Speed Skate (Another Pair of Mittens)
  6. Stash Skeleton (Buttermere Shawl and A toque fit for a Canuck, eh!, Woodland Sprite Bonnet, coffee Cup sweater ,Drip Stopper)

Lined up and ready

Couple of parcels have more than 1 project.

Couple of parcels have more than 1 project.

Pattern list: 7 in 17 days

First up!

coffee Cup sweater



Woodland Sprite Bonnet 



Another Pair of Mittens 


I am using strategy here. All these patterns are multiple events. They are quick and easy :0)

Blog visiting:

Treehugger did a lovely post ” Don’t stop knitting! It keeps you healthy”.

The WIP’s List will be back after the Olympics :0)

Ravellenic 2014 wips = 7

FO’s 2014 =  7

WIPS 2014 = 11

 Stash Used 2014 = 24

Sewing FO’s 2014 = 

Books 2014 = 3

Thanks again cya at the Finishing line :0)

I’m off to visit Tami’s, then on to my blogwalk

come join me in the blogpond :0)

Find me at my Etsy shop: Willows Pocket and on 

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. chrisknits
    Feb 07, 2014 @ 09:05:56

    Cheering you on from the side lines!!! Can’t wait to see you finished hat.


  2. Andrea Morrison
    Feb 08, 2014 @ 10:46:44

    Wowza! You have a bunch of entries planned. I can’t wait to see everything you make.


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