FO Friday: Cast on mania, Cast offs week 3


Ok I made it through week 3! Gasp!

wk1, wk2 and wk3 almost finished everything to date.

Cast on Mania Ravelry Forum

(here’s the to do list for the month)

2/14/13 A Box of Boxes Blanket My stashbusting design!

15 boxes

15 boxes

 2/15/13 Beryl Blanket by Juliet Bernard

57 hexs

57 hexs

 2/16/13 Toddler Tootsies #1  

 2/17/13 Toddler Tootsies #2  

Pair #5 for Charity

Pair #5 for Charity

 2/18/13 Easy Peazy Shawl For my Kal group This is a larger project, I am endeavouring to finish this before the end of the month.

Still in progress

Still in progress

I love this yarn however I am swallowing a lot of fibre. Not Fun!

 2/19/13 Yarn Ball Cozy For my Kal group

2/20/13 Beryl Blanket by Juliet Bernard

57 hexs

57 hexs

 And what am I watching while knitting?

DH and I watched The Women (2008) on DVD,

This is a delightful remake of a great movie made in 1939!

Almost as good as the origional “The Women” (1939) here are some of the witty lines. I highly recommend both films!

Then we watched “The Holiday” another great movie I highly recommend!

Current WIP List (11)

    1. Top Down Swing PulloverOne sleeve done
    2. Easy Peazy Shawl 2.0 For my Kal group
    3. Toddler Tootsies #2My stashbusting design, I have to knit 6 pair for charity.
    4. Yarn Ball Cozy For my Kal group
    5. My Spring SocksMy design
    6. Beryl BlanketLong term project (2 hexs for Cast on Mania)
    7. Box of Boxes Blanket Long term project (1 Box for Cast on Mania)
    8. Easy Peazy Shawlalmost
    9. Kelp Forest Shawlette very close to done
    10. Ruffle Scarffor the fall Bazaar so no hurry

FO’s 2013 = 14 + 5 = 19

WIPS 2013 = 13 – 2 = 11

Used of purchased patterns from Rav = 34 – 7 = 27

Stash Used 2013 = 9 + 2 = 11

Books 2013 = 9

Thanks again for visiting,

cya next week

I’m off to visit Tami’s, then on to my blogwalk

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WIP Weds: Of Romantic evenings, Hobbits and Christmas Gifts

 Good morning campers, I hope you are all well and happy. DH has been treating me like a Queen! Yup, 2 movies since I last spoke to you “Skyfall” and “Twilight Breaking Dawn (Part 2).”  The former was rather good for a violent boy movie. I really like Daniel Craig as Bond. The other, well I saw all the previous Twilight films, and I particularly enjoyed the last book.  I did like the movie it was really well done. It was a little disappointing the lack of context and character development of the Cullen guests/witnesses as well as J.Jenkins interview. I guess you can’t have everything. I was amazed how packed the theatre was.

I do suggest reading the novels before seeing the series, it will add to your enjoyment, if you are considering watching it. At times the tale does seem a little disjointed in the films.

We also had a Marriage maintainance night, lovely romantic dinner at the local Mexican restaurant. Almost as good as a vacation, almost. The deal is no talking about the boy, work, games, (soccer or computer), knitting, church or any complaints. My DH being the most interesting man in the world (to me) was his usual fascinating self. Sometimes I could pinch myself, how I ended up with such a wonderful guy I will never know.  I am so looking forward to the release of “The Hobbit” on December 14th.

He has promised to go see “The Hobbit” on opening night too!

Still working on gifts for family and friends.

Fabulous Fake Fingerless Mitts

This pattern was designed by and available at Soper Creek Yarns.

Fabulous fake fingerless mitts with the buttons

 Blissful moss rib washcloth

Another washcloth. I like this pattern, it works up fast and feels nice.

I am working on a Pink Version too

Blissful Moss Rib facecloth, can you tell that this is my go to pattern for Facecloths?

Elfish Hat

Elfish Hat

This hat caught my attention as the weather is getting a bit cold.

I’m putting along on the socks, thinking of calling them

“Bombur’s Travelling Socks”.

Bombur’s Travelling Socks

What do you think?

I am so looking forward to the release of “The Hobbit” on December 14th

This weeks Audiobook: Listening to the “Hobbit” by JRR Tolkien

This is an old favourite, I started this as a refresher for the upcoming film release. Here is the whole thing!

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 (of 3)

I am looking for another audiobook for knitting time, meanwhile I am reading “The Girl who played with Fire” by Stieg Larsson

Yes, I started this a while ago. Someone around here pinched it and I had to start over again. I’m hiding it this time! Really enjoyed the dubbed swedish version of the movie!

FO’s 2012 =  67

Patterns from my own Library = 6

WIP’s 2012 =  1 + 4 = 5

Stash used 2012 = 75

Beryl Blanket Hexes =  48

Books =  39 + 1 = 40

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cya next Friday.

WIP Weds and Friday’s at Tami’s

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Picture: Kitten with Mittens and Yarn!

Quotation: “God created cats so man could play with tigers”.

Now, Pixar is just too funny…

I was cruising the interwebs to cheer up on this totally cold and damp day, and I found these enjoy, and thanks pixar!

For The Birds

Luxo Jr.

The God


Partly cloudy

and of course my all time favourite

Geri’s game



Amazing little knitted films

These are just incredible little little films, everything knitted!

Boy with an airplane

Knitting warmth in your home

How they made the above

The last knit this is amusing

Berroco Film Festival thanks for sharing :0)

Film: Bride and Prejudice (2004)


Ok, I really like this movie. It’s a feel good, colourful, musical romp, and did I mention it is a Bollywood take on Pride and Prejudice?

The purists out there need not apply!  This movie doesn’t aspire to literature so don’t get all little fingers up while sipping from your tea-cup.

Wonder why this movie didn’t really take off in India or in north america. It might be that it was to much of a fusion of

North American sensibilities and Asian sensibilities and didn’t speak clearly to either.

I think it is fun and worth a look.

Film: Rango (2011)

We rented this movie the other night. I rather enjoyed it. Think the surrealism of Kill Bill and the off beat humour of Cat Ballou.

I recommend this Rango for the family, children over 10 yrs. (some characters die and there is violence)

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