FO Friday: Remembrance Day

Today is Remembrance Day, take a moment to pray for the lost lives, military and civilian that have shaped our world. Grieve just for a moment at the waste on both sides in war and peace keeping.

Well it’s friday again! All in all a fairly productive week. Finished my Baby Hat , Mittens and designed a little scarf, for the Christmas craft sale and rounded the corner so to speak on the Christmas sock. I have been on a reading jag so the house is a bit of a tip. One has to have priorities, lol.

We are going on an adventure this weekend. As some of you know hubby has had some challenges this summer, that brought our lives to almost a stand still. Things are getting back to normal… thank goodness, so to celebrate we are going into Toronto to the ROM (Royal Ontario Museum). Yes we are geeks! It has been a while since we have visited this world class museum. Hubby, myself, our DS and his GF (who is also a little geeky) plan to enjoy the exhibits then go to the “Old Spaghetti Factory” for supper.

Baby Hat, mitts and scarf

Well for more Fun Friday projects check out Tami’s blog.

Thanks for stopping by and have a nice weekend. 


FO Friday: Grown-up, and XL Coffee Cup Sweater

Welcome to another productive week.

The boy turns into a 21 year old man tomorrow, and has invited the GF to meet the extended family… this is a first! Should I be worried? Maybe when she meets the lot of us together, she’ll head for the hills … she survived dinner with the immediate family… twice so far. I will update you on further developments.

2 years old, seems like yesterday

I continue working on the Immie Blanket, it is coming along nicely thank you for asking.

This week I developed and produced 2 “Another XL Coffee Cup Sweaters”  Here is the pattern. Please feel free to share it.

Free pattern to celebrate my baby’s Birthday

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Hope you have a nice weekend!

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FO Friday: A couple of little things

As some of you know the Boy/Man turns 21 years old next Saturday. I have had a terrible time thinking up a present for him. Today I purchased a nice little leather book for some pictures and family recipes. I remember moving out of my parents home a wishing for some of my Mom’s suppers. (Texas Hash, spaghetti Pie, Yorkshire pudding) I am going to ask my mother and DH’s mother to write some recipes down too. With some family pictures and cleaning hints, I hope he finds it useful.

The Book

Now the fair is over there are some smaller projects I have been meaning to get to. I’ve made 3 more XL coffee cup sweaters for the church bazaar.

For more Fo Friday join our fiends at Tami’s Blog.

Have a nice weekend.

FO Friday: Oh another no so 5 Hour Baby Sweater!

Ratz! I just wrote a brilliant, insightful and Urbain yet entertaining post and lost it in the ether … fudge, well start again.

This weeks offering was hinted at on WIP Weds. These little 5 hour sweaters have been have been multiplying around here like bunnies.

While sifting through the footstool stash (the sacred burial ground for the remains of project yarn, don’t ask where the yellow came from, I have no idea!) I dug up the denim blue and white and found the buttons in the button jar. Finished this in 2 1/2 days of not very concentrated knitting. Will make matching hat later.

Blue and White 5 Hour Sweater

Next find, bright yellow, and remainder of the white yarn, found daisy buttons in button jar (I am a magpie for buttons!)

Yellow and White 5 Hour Sweater

Next stop Bernat ruffled Hat Pattern this is a free pattern. I figured I could fold up the front and use a large daisy button to hold it in place.

For the details: These are knit in Kertzer Northern Worsted, approx 80gms each. Out of 2 balls I get 2 sweaters and 2 hats. Used 5mm / 8US needles.

Visit my List for 2011 of finished stuff, I must be nuts!

For more exciting Finished Objects visit our friend Tami’s Blog!

Knitting: A cute idea for the traveling knitter

Derya Davenport invented this useful little Abacus Pouch

the pattern can be down loaded for free

from her Blog.


WIP Wed & Event: Happy Birthday to me!

What a lovely day to celebrate your birthday! June 21 ? the longest day in my mother’s life (3 days for me to arrive!)

Got up to go out for coffee (usual morning visit to Tim Horton’s) then a little gardening. Planted two types of Beans, then went in to

Yoke almost finished on February Lady Cardigan knit in Vintage

research them afterward and discovered that Butterbeans are just lima beans in disguise (loath lima’s)

I am working on February Lady Cardigan. I have been collecting the skeins a few at a time planning to make this sweater.

I have needed a replacement cardigan, you know when you need a new sweater when your best friends cringe when you

walk in wearing your old favourite.

The door bell rang and purolator delivered present from DH, a ASUS Netbook and it is a stylish white.

He is fixing it up as we speak, wonderful to have a computer consultant, IT service, wizard with magic computer stuff who works for

ASUS Netbook - wireless and my very own, no more arguments about computer use woot!

hugs :0)

For Supper MIL took us all out for the most splendid dinner at Zante Restaurant, a very nice greek place in downtown Bowmanville.

Our family the in-laws and my parents showed up too. Terrific visit with favourite people! I had the Zante Lamb Dinner (Gluten-free) and totally great!

Parents had the rack of lamb which looked good too. Caution portions are large and delicious!

Got home to a delightful call from my Brother who lives far away, so nice to hear his voice, made my Birthday complete.

My special day is almost over, it has been lovely, can we do it again next year?

FO Friday: Yeh, happy dance! Tea Cozy done and dusted!

The Tea Cozy that started it all! Sorry no picture of #2, it was very nice :0)

 Whoopee, no more Tea Cozies, it has left the building!

See WIP Wed Post 

I have to admit the pessimist in me is waiting to be volunteered for the

next noxious task, but in the meanwhile remember snoopy dancing with the easter bunny’s that’s me :0)

Pardon me Details:

Yarn: Kertzer Northern Worsted

All time favourite TC made in the early 90's

Needles: 6mm circ

Pattern: Knitted Pleated Tea Cosy by Tea and Roses

3rd and last!

However this little 2 cupper is still my favourite, I made it a long time ago and it is still goin strong!

For more fun FO Friday visit Tami!

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