Knitting: 78 Projects in 2012

A new year a new list for 2012!

83 started – 5 Frogged = 78 finished this Year!

For more detailed list with pictures see “This years finished stuff”

  1. Sue’s EZ Toe-up Socks (my design) (Jan)
  2. Simple Ridges Shawl (Jan)
  3. Hugs and Kisses Socks (my design) (Jan)
  4. Irish Hikers Scarf (Jan)
  5. Safety line marker for after thought heels (Jan)
  6. Three Tams (A) (Feb)
  7. Three Tams (B) (Feb)
  8. Liddle Pouch (Feb)
  9. Little Heart (Feb)
  10. Easter Bunny (Feb)
  11. Arc Mittens (Feb)
  12. Walk in Shetland (Mar)
  13. Because of Love Beret (Mar) Carry along Forum Ravelry
  14. (3) Pookies (mar)
  15. Small Lace Bag (Mar) Carry along Forum Ravelry
  16. Horseshoe Lace cowl (Apr) Carry along Forum Ravelry
  17. Not so Koigu Linen Stitch Scarf (Apr) from my library
  18. Afternoon Tea shawl (Apr) Carry along Forum Ravelry
  19. Owlie Sleep Sack (Apr)
  20. Barley Corn Newborn Cuddle Cocoon (my Design) (May)
  21. Wingspan  Carry along Forum Ravelry (May)
  22. Puerperium Cardigan (May)
  23. Chinook scarf (May) Carry along Forum Ravelry
  24. Untangled # 1 (June)
  25. Untangled #2 (June)
  26. Untangled #3 (June)
  27. Untangled #4 (June)
  28. Untangled #5 (June)
  29. Ankle socks in ”Fabel” (June)  Carry along Forum Ravelry
  30. Untangled #6 (June)
  31. Untangled #7 (June)
  32. (11) XL Coffee Cup Sweaters (Sept)
  33. Untangled #8 (July)
  34. Untangled #9  (July)  Carry along Forum Ravelry
  35. Untangled #10 (July) Carry along Forum Ravelry
  36. Wingspan #2  ravellenic2012 (jul/aug) Carry along Forum Ravelry
  37. Claret Cowl (made of handspun) (Sept)
  38. Purple Teacozy of Sex (sept)
  39. Charybdis Socks  (my Design) (Sept)
  40. (6) Here’s a Tissue! (my Design) (Oct)
  41.  Oaklet #2  (oct) Carry along Forum Ravelry
  42. Drop Stitch Scarf (oct) Carry along Forum Ravelry
  43.  Snakes & Ladders Washcloth (Nov)
  44. Remember November (Toe-up spiral) socks  (my Design) (Nov)
  45. Reversible Textured Dishcloth #1 (Nov)
  46. Handledsvärmare Påfågel  (Nov) Carry along Forum Ravelry
  47. Cabled Feather Cowl (Nov)
  48. Blissful Moss Rib dishcloth #1 (Nov)
  49. (2) Blissful Moss Rib dishcloth #2 & 3 (Nov)
  50. Elfish hat (Nov) frogged
  51. Reversible Textured Dishcloth #2 Red (Nov)
  52. Fabulous Fake Fingerless Mitts (Nov)
  53. Ruffle scarf #1 (Nov)
  54. Frill Seeker Scarf #2 (Nov)
  55. Ruffle Scarf #3 (Nov)
  56. Ruffle Scarf #4 (Dec)
  57. Ruffle Scarf #5 (Dec)
  58. Picot edged baby blanket (Dec)
  59. Favorite Scarf Ever (Dec)
  60. Wellengang / Swell scarf (Dec)
  61. Immie Baby Blanket (Sept) Frogged
  62. Roarin cloche (Oct) Frogged
  63. Abigail Vest (may) Frogged (Yuck!)
  64. Knitting In Nature Beaded Moebius Carry along Forum Ravelry (Jul) Frogged


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