Event: The Gathering a Spin-in!

knitting with cat

Bonnie and I went to “The Gathering” in Port Hope, Ontario Canada. As many of you know I am an avid Handspinner and fibreholic! 

Wall to wall fibreholics, fibre fumes everywhere!

Wall to wall fibreholics, fibre fumes everywhere!

Everyone sitting, is at their spinning wheels spinning and talking. The fibre vendors are around the walls of the gym. Picture taken from the entrance. I was amazed how many people I knew in this room. Lots of hugs and where have you been?

I haven’t gone to a spinning event for sometime, haven’t been up to it. Nice to be missed… Like coming home! Thanks everyone, especially Bonnie for a really delightful day!

Oh and somethings followed me home! 

Some hand dyed Romney wool, equal amount undyed Romney wool. A small spindle, heavy for it's size, 33gms. I have been looking for a plying spindle with a little more heft. Also a selection of cabled dk cotton for Icord projects.

Some hand dyed Romney wool, equal amount undyed Romney wool. A small spindle, heavy for it’s size, 33gms. I have been looking for a plying spindle with a little more heft. Also a selection of cabled dk cotton for Icord projects.

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Recipe: Sore Throat remedy

Great recipe for sore throats, a little in boiling water or tea.

Sliced Lemon, Ginger (peeled and shaved), honey

Sterile Jar

Will last for 2 to 3 months, store in fridge.

Getting ready for flu season!

This would make a good Christmas Gift too.

How to make Tarn (yarn from Tshirts)

Yup this bright recycleing idea is brought to us from Melissa Somerville!

Read how here http://www.tangledness.com/html/fall_2010/diy_tarn.html

Cool eh!

WIP Weds: Micah’s Party Dress

I have been working on this pattern for a while. I cannot decide what kind of collar to use, and I think it needs a flower or something on the sash…I guess that makes this a DIP (Design in Progress) too. It doesn’t show on the pictures but there are buttons on the back so I am thinking split peter pan collar or maybe a straight picot…

Micah's Party Dress


Back of Party Dress

Techniques: Fit to Flatter (10 part Tutorial not video)

This 10 part Tutorial is brought to us by Amy Herzog of http://www.stashknitrepeat.com/

I want to thank my dear friend Debbie D. For pointing out this site!

  1. http://www.stashknitrepeat.com/2010/04/11/fit-to-flatter-installment-1-introduction/
  2. http://www.stashknitrepeat.com/2010/04/25/fit-to-flatter-installment-2-shapes/
  3. http://www.stashknitrepeat.com/2010/05/09/fit-to-flatter-installment-3-mindful-project-choice/
  4. http://www.stashknitrepeat.com/2010/05/23/fit-to-flatter-installment-4-sweaters-and-you/
  5. http://www.stashknitrepeat.com/2010/06/06/fit-to-flatter-installment-5-necklines/
  6. http://www.stashknitrepeat.com/2010/06/20/fit-to-flatter-installment-6-sleeves/
  7. http://www.stashknitrepeat.com/2010/07/05/fit-to-flatter-installment-7-sweater-length/
  8. http://www.stashknitrepeat.com/2010/07/18/fit-to-flatter-installment-8-shaping/
  9. http://www.stashknitrepeat.com/2010/07/31/fit-to-flatter-installment-9-implementation/
  10. http://www.stashknitrepeat.com/2010/08/15/fit-to-flatter-installment-10-conclusions/

Techniques: Sock Heel Gussets (picking up stitches)

This is a link from Socknitters.com with rather good photos and explainations about picking up stitches

along a back heel flap on top-down socks.


Techniques: Kitchener stitch or grafting

After all these years I still make a mess of doing this.

I am adding this link so I can find it when I need it (like most things here)!

I hope you find it useful too, there are pictures and instructions.


Techniques: Joggless stripes Sock Knitting site

This is a good site for Sock Knitters


for those of us that like to knit in the round, it is irritating to see those nasty little jogs where

you change from one colour to the other.

Techniques: Options for cast offs, make both ends of work look the same!

This looks promising, we turn to Techknitter again for some very insightful ideas on how to make your knitting better… Thanks yet again


Techniques: Short Row Knitting

I was thinking about how to describe knitting short rows to do the heel of a sock this afternoon so I started looking and found this. The diagrams are really good and should be a great help to anyone wanting to attempt this. Really once you know how it is really simple. This solves the problem of little holes at the end of every short row!


Thanks Techknitter


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