FO Friday: The crazy week that was

Welcome to the traveling road show that is my life. It has been nuts. I must be out of my mind. I am somewhat physically challenged and becoming exhausted. But I have had fun. :0) My weeks are never this busy and next week is going to find me home recovering, hopefully. Amazingly I actually got some knitting done! 

This last week included visits to;

Saturday: Ribfest for an afternoon with friends and an early supper

Sunday: Church, and lunch out with family

Monday: Visiting with Parents (Dad is recovering with broken ankle) then over to MiL’s (recovering from surgery) for a visit

Tuesday: OT  appointment (for MiL), 4 hr knitting Lesson (given by me), Dr. appointment for DH, Dr. appointment for DS, with me for bad news, (my 21 yr old son, was told he is diabetic)

Wednesday: Posting WIP weds, Church Craft group, then an evening at Soper Creek Yarns for Knitting Club

Thursday: Physiotherapy, First music in the park 2012 in the evening

Friday: Posting FO Fri, Skin Dr. appointment for me, then a movie with my niece (her choice)

I anticipate sleeping in the car on the way home lol.

With all this going on I had time to make these, took no time at all :0)

Presenting “Untangled”

Perfect gift for that hard please teen! Untangled!

This was a super, turbo fast knit! Uses leftovers. I used 2 – 4mm cable needles on leftover Dk yarn. There is no doubt that I will be making a bunch if these.

Untangled #2

Untangled #2 made with leftover Berroco Comfort Dk

They’re a great carry along project. I am making them for a fundraiser, so our Church hall will have a ramp for wheelchair access. 

All you need is:


Any weight of yarn will do, I used Dk with 4mm dpns (cable needles)

I have begun using a bobbin to control the unknitted portion of the cord. A darning needle, a couple of little dabs of super glue and no more tangles! I really like them, the colours are actually much richer than my little old camera could capture :0)

And the day ends with a Bang!

Meet “Lucky Jack” who was a surprise adoption today. 5 of us went out to the adoption place and he was personality on 4 legs. Willow is not impressed, understatement!

A typical Tuxedo cat markings.

He is so little, he doesn’t register on the scale :0)

Update Current WIP List

  Temporarily zzz items will go back on the WIP list after the Craft Fair. I am an organizer, and I have a table, so I’m filling out my inventory. All my proceeds are going to the project.

I am looking for small projects that are not size limited, like sweaters etc. Something innovative that is unusual and will appeal to a wider audience.

Suggestions are very welcome!

FO’s 2012 = 26 + 2 = 28

Patterns from my own Library = 5

WIP’s 2012 = 10 + 1 = 11 – 6 zzz = 5

Stash used 2012 = 42 + 5 = 47 counting Kelp

Stash Purchased 2012 = 61 + 4 = 65

Beryl Blanket Hexes = 46

Books = 18

Take Care and cya next week

for links to my blogwalk  come join me in the blogpond :0)

WIP Weds and Friday’s at Tami’s 

FO Friday: Remembrance Day

Today is Remembrance Day, take a moment to pray for the lost lives, military and civilian that have shaped our world. Grieve just for a moment at the waste on both sides in war and peace keeping.

Well it’s friday again! All in all a fairly productive week. Finished my Baby Hat , Mittens and designed a little scarf, for the Christmas craft sale and rounded the corner so to speak on the Christmas sock. I have been on a reading jag so the house is a bit of a tip. One has to have priorities, lol.

We are going on an adventure this weekend. As some of you know hubby has had some challenges this summer, that brought our lives to almost a stand still. Things are getting back to normal… thank goodness, so to celebrate we are going into Toronto to the ROM (Royal Ontario Museum). Yes we are geeks! It has been a while since we have visited this world class museum. Hubby, myself, our DS and his GF (who is also a little geeky) plan to enjoy the exhibits then go to the “Old Spaghetti Factory” for supper.

Baby Hat, mitts and scarf

Well for more Fun Friday projects check out Tami’s blog.

Thanks for stopping by and have a nice weekend. 

WIP Wed: Woot! Road Trip

Yup, my  WIP Wed, is a Road Trip Report or “Where I Purchased” Wed.

Aladdin’s cave for knitters! Romni Wools, Toronto Ontario, Cda.

Ok, my buddies and I had planned this little excursion for closer to my Birthday, but life got in the way. So after some rescheduling we are off.

You really cannot travel all the way to the knitters mecca without coffee.

2 Timmies Coffee please and one Mint tea for the road

Things to see on the way.

Big city

Romni Wools!


Knitting Books floor to ceiling


Just half of upstairs

Not finished yet!

This is all sock yarn!

You have to come and see it to believe it…

More bargains in the basement

All mine! The possibilities!

All $ spent off to lunch.

Iranian Restaurant near by

Paneer and Iranian stew with rice

It was a long trip but a wonderful day! Thanks DD & GB for the day, your friendship and everything!

Worth coming to Toronto visit tourism site for other places to visit. Just so your other halfs have something to

do while you are at Romni… noticed this rare plant in a street side planter (someone has a sense of humour around here)

Yes the Big city, in the planter next to the car "Queen St Window Box" lol

For more WIP Wed visit our friend Tami’s Blog, and thanks for visiting :0)

WIP Wed & Event: Happy Birthday to me!

What a lovely day to celebrate your birthday! June 21 ? the longest day in my mother’s life (3 days for me to arrive!)

Got up to go out for coffee (usual morning visit to Tim Horton’s) then a little gardening. Planted two types of Beans, then went in to

Yoke almost finished on February Lady Cardigan knit in Vintage

research them afterward and discovered that Butterbeans are just lima beans in disguise (loath lima’s)

I am working on February Lady Cardigan. I have been collecting the skeins a few at a time planning to make this sweater.

I have needed a replacement cardigan, you know when you need a new sweater when your best friends cringe when you

walk in wearing your old favourite.

The door bell rang and purolator delivered present from DH, a ASUS Netbook and it is a stylish white.

He is fixing it up as we speak, wonderful to have a computer consultant, IT service, wizard with magic computer stuff who works for

ASUS Netbook - wireless and my very own, no more arguments about computer use woot!

hugs :0)

For Supper MIL took us all out for the most splendid dinner at Zante Restaurant, a very nice greek place in downtown Bowmanville.

Our family the in-laws and my parents showed up too. Terrific visit with favourite people! I had the Zante Lamb Dinner (Gluten-free) and totally great!

Parents had the rack of lamb which looked good too. Caution portions are large and delicious!

Got home to a delightful call from my Brother who lives far away, so nice to hear his voice, made my Birthday complete.

My special day is almost over, it has been lovely, can we do it again next year?

Places: St George’s Anglican Church, Newcastle, Ontario Cda

Historical plaque

St Georges Church

I promised to post a picture of the historic church that I and my family attend.  Been going here for at least 15 years.  Small but active there always seems to be something going on around the church. I am a member of the Weds morning craft group, who are working constantly toward the Christmas Bazaar, I have posted about these ladies.  Also a member of the ACW (Anglican Church Woman) who do a lot of good work in the community.  I also sing in the Choir on special occasions, we are a small group with a great pleasure in the music we sing and a great choir mistress who keeps us all in line and PB who without fail has our scores ready and waiting at practice and on sunday! There is a very well attended coffee hour each Sunday and a Birthday Cake Sunday at the end of every month. In and amongst all this there always seems to be a church luncheon, or potluck supper, roast beef dinner or… you get my meaning. Faith, Fellowship and Food are what this congregation are all about.

Event: Did we Knit Frolic, you bet!


The DKC Knit Frolic,

More Shopping This is a must see the event for knitters in Toronto

Canada. As spring arrives, knitters gather their pennies in preparation for this event, knitting classes, and vendors from all over, file into the Japanese Cultural Centre in Toronto. If you ever wondered what Aladdin’s cave and Shangri la look like come and see… Gwen and I went together this year. We both decided to forgo the classes and concentrate on the important stuff, shopping.

Raffles and Door Prizes

Will wind ball for donation

The Volunteers where everywhere taking tickets, working on the raffles and door prizes, even winding balls of yarn for those impatient knitters wanting to get started knitting with their purchases… I cannot thank them enough for the wonderful day that they made it!

We wandered around in a daze, a fibreholics dream. You have to touch everything, look at all the patterns, admire and purchase treasures to put in the bag that looked big at home, but seems small here.

We found friends from the Knittin Club, their first visit to this sacred event, they disappeared into the crowd and were not seen again.

Rock Island Shawl

We finally went to the refreshment area to join the other hungry knitters, we all ate and spoke the language that knitters know. “Did you see ___?”  “Oh they have that book at ___”  and “What did you buy?”  “We ate and commiserated and planned or next stop.

Not even the Spinners were left out, there was spinning wheels, spindles, and fibre. I was good, no fibre, I already have “sable” (see previous post).

Louet Spinning Wheels

That doesn’t mean I was without sin… I went looking for blocking wires, and came home with, Wires, beady safety eyes, 2 balls of Fiddlesticks Knitting Jaggerspun Zephyr 50% merino/50% Tussah Silk ( mauve and pink), Yarn ball sleeves, needle springs, point stoppers for dpns, needle keeper, Dp wip Tubes, Trim tool, tear drop knot maker, and a button knot maker.


Forrester Spindles

Needless to say I had a great time!  With endless thanks to Gwen, my dear friend an equally addicted knitter and her charming family.  Steven and Grace drove us and picked us up. We had a delightful visit there and back.  You should see what Gwen got! Watch for her post


Event: The Other Royal Wedding Reception!

The Other Royal Wedding Reception

Delightful evening had by all. The Soper Creek Yarns “Knittin Club” got together to celebrate the Royal Wedding with tea and cupcakes. Some arrived in appropriate attire for the occasion, Coolio of facebook fame, made a celebrity appearance in a rather dashing Tuxedo. Much discussion of weddings past while the wedding took place on computer. Everyone agreed that the bride was beautiful and the service and music lovely.
Much Fun was had by all.The Wedding Party was knit by the members of “The Knittin Club” Coolio has a facebook page!/profile.php?id=100002114973187 There will also be posts on Soper Creek Yarns and I know that Gwen at “The cat hates my knitting” is planning to post too. 

The Happy Couple

Wedding Party on Balcony

Watch here…

Watch here for the secret other Royal Wedding Reception… It’s all hush-hush, don’t tell anyone.

“The Gathering”, a girls day out

The Girls - Beth and Gwen

The first totally Handspinning event of the season ” The Gathering” Gwen, Beth and I set out an 9:30 am. this morning, and headed for Port Hope. 

A few of the Durham Handspinning Guild Members

Port Hope is a lovely town east of here on Lake Ontario. We arrived in good time, the weather was beyond retched! Rainy, cold and grey, but we are a cheerful lot. We decided to stop at “Dimitri’s” a local restaurant for breakfast and a chat. It has been sometime since we have had an opportunity to visit… We had such fun and our waitress was a gem, and between giggles and laughter we managed to eat this tasty meal. Then we were off to the main event, The Gathering! This is a yearly event that we all look forward to. The Spinners come from far and wide lured by the scent of wool and other spinable fibres in the air. A slight whif of Lamb Burger on the Barbeque outside, and the buzz of spinners chatting about fibre inside! For only $5.00 Canadian dollars you can join this day of fun. There was so much to see, vendors are set up around the perimeter of the room, with seats for spinners in the middle. Coffee, Tea and some sweets are included in the admission fee, the Lamb, Hamburgers, and Sausages which are cooked just outside the door are not. (I would highly recommend that you have one, they are a local product and excellent!)

A row of busy spinsters

A Karen Richens a friend of ours was there selling her shetland products. She has a small flock and sells fleece and yarn, really nice stuff.  But I was being good!  Well I did buy some sock yarn but that was all…  There were many old friends and newer ones too. Regan another fibre friend from Bowmanville, showed me “3ply on the fly” spindle spinning. I am going to try it and post it.


Alvin Ramer was there with his spindles and woolcombs. I own several different types of Woolcombs mostly of his manufacture and a really fine swift. Shall post pictures of my equipment one of these days. Usually I take pictures of the purchases, I am sorry. Next time … Gwen bought some Black Superwash with a trail of glitter through it, and some very nice “Pacific Blue” Handcarded Merino and a bag of “Mermaid” Merino batt that was a lovely mixture of blue and green. Beth found the purple she was looking for, I think it was corriedale. She also bought a Wellington Fibres Mystery Sock Blank ( this is a knitting machine knit square of 2 strand sock yarn that is then dyed) I have knit socks with this stuff, it is a treat. Beth is holding it in her hand in the picture.

Spinners Chatting


The Gathering

Hope to meet you there next year!

See Gwen’s Blog for even more pictures and fun!

Blog worthy day!

Ok, physio was not the first thing to come to mind when I call this a blog worthy day…

Then lunch with my mother-in-law a great lady, whom I love dearly…

The Blog worthy part started at Soper Creek Yarns

Soper Creek Yarns, Bowmanville Ontario Cda

I found the yarn of my dreams!

The teaser…

SRK Ovation

Ok I arrive at Tina’s for chat and nose about, hey this is a yarn store! You have to look around, touch stuff chat. I wanted to work through a 3 dimensional geometry problem with someone who speaks knitting… :0) Tina is my girl!  I had it figured out put sometimes you just need

someone to take off their hand knit sock (very nice sock by the way) and stand on one foot and examine it with you… yup that’s what we did. Then I mentioned I was looking for something 600 yds + not to expensive, by the way I brought the pattern with, oh light, with some shine… no to expensive, black ?, Solid colour yes we agree, not enough of this… Suddenly Tina reaches up and pulls down a box, how about this, very much like the suggested yarn in pattern… Ice Blue, 75% Kid Mohair / 25% Silk… Yes, oh only two balls sigh,(we try to see into the cubby that the box came from and there is something still there eureka!  Knittin Club here I come, I start adventure tonight.
Will post progress, outcome to be a mystery to dear readers, snicker :0)

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