FO Friday: Sharing something for all those with kids graduating!

I don`t have much to share this friday, as is becoming usual I am off with MiL sorting out more Pre-operation stuff.

I continue work on Sprout – Growing Roots, and reading Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.

However, yesterday my brother posted a letter that I would really like to share with you. My 18 yr old Niece is Graduating High School and going on to College.

I imagine there are a few parents out there in this position or you may know a young person how is heading out into life.

My father wrote both my Brother and myself letters when we entered university.

I cherish mine and I think Sarah will cherish hers.

Look here if you would like to read it,

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Letter: From my Brother to His Daughter on her High School Graduation

A Letter from a Father to His Daughter as she ends her High School Career and goes on to College… I think this deserves a “Best Dad Ever Award”

This is the letter I sent to Sarah to be opened tonight at her Graduation Night Lock In Party.


What you need to know:

You’re now an adult (sorry).

More and more the responsibility for who you are and what you do is yours. We will always support you and love you.

Only people that know you will love you, so don’t be afraid to let others get to know you.

Education is the key to your future and now is the easiest time to get it or lose it.

Your life will change more in the next ten years than it has in the past eighteen and more then it will ever again.

Money will not bring happiness, but the lack of it does cause misery.

The secret to a great relationship and marriage is not just finding the right person but being the right person.  Because you must want to give your spouse everything and live only for the time you have together.  It should never be a matter of need but of loving who you are more with them than without them and wanting to give all of yourself to them for the rest of your life above all else.

God loves you.  Trust and believe in him, because he trusts and believes in you.

Don’t ever date or become close to someone you don’t trust.

Never let anyone abuse you, hit you, or talk down to you.  Walk away from anyone who does and don’t go back.  Anyone who does these things once will do it again. Contact the authorities if warranted and come home.

I know it’s hard but try not to worry.  It’s only interest you’re paying on something that may never happen.

We all make mistakes but our mistakes don’t make us who we are.

A car is more than transportation.  It is freedom and independence.  Get your drivers license.

Keep in touch with friends and those you love.  That’s the best way to keep them, and it’s the only way to know when they need you, and to know they will be there when you need them.

Friends don’t owe friends.  One of the true tests of friendship is that you want to give to that person, help them, and be there for them, without expecting anything in return.  This must go both ways.

Vote whenever you can. Know who you’re voting for and why. It doesn’t take much time but it is a responsibility not just a right.

No man is worth giving up being yourself or what you want in life.  Never date or marry a man thinking that he will change or that you can change him.  It’s like electronics, you don’t try to fix them you return them (but this must be done during the warranty period not after you’ve kept it for a while hoping it will somehow fix it’s self).

Always be clean and well dressed.  You never know when God will send your future husband around to meet you.

If you like the boy and would like him to ask you out again, order the chicken.  If you don’t wish to go out with him again order the Lobster and the most expensive desert on the menu.  You will have a great meal and it is very unlikely he will call again.

You will be known by what you do, not what you say you’ll do.  Do your best to always keep your word, and say you’re sorry if you hurt someone.

Don’t swear, it’s a bad habit and a hard one to break.

Possessions can be bought with credit as well as cash.  Don’t be fooled by someone who looks like they are successful.  Take people as they are, not for what they own.

Boy’s lie.  (so do girls but boy’s don’t care)

Sleep is important, but who you sleep with is more important.  Sex is the most personal and beautiful thing you will ever do with another person so be sure it’s the right person (preferably your husband).  Another thing, men fear ghosts in their bed so don’t have any.  Don’t let regret be the memory of your first experience.

It’s not what you think is important, but how you spend your time and money that shows what is important to you.

Live life fully and how you want.  Don’t wait for someday.  Too many people die waiting.

There is true happiness in giving that helps others.

Pray, God know your wants and needs but just like people God likes to hear it in your own word so he knows your not just taking him for granted.

If you can’t decide, don’t decide, think on it then make a decision.  If you don’t decide others will decide for you and you only have yourself to blame.

What’s right for you is not always right for others, and others may not agree with you.  Screw em, if its right for you and you’re not hurting anyone else do it anyway.

Don’t shy away from debate or from discussions with others who you disagree with.  These conversations help you understand why others think as they do and test what you believe.  But don’t argue.  When you argue no one is listening.  Just say you agree to disagree and change the subject or walk away.

Don’t judge others.  You don’t have to agree with what a person does or is or says, but don’t think that any of these things completely define who another person is.  We all come from different places, experiences and outlooks.  Be open to look beyond differences and see the person as a whole and accept them that way.

You owe your employer a day’s work for a days pay.  Respect your job and your employer or find another job.

What you’re paid and what titles you hold do not define success.  Only you can define success for you.

Remember to always strive to make a life not just a living.  After you are gone those that will remember you are those who loved you, not those who paid you.

If you feel you should get more, be promoted, treated fairly, or given something, ask for it.

Very rarely in life will you be given anything you truly want or need without asking for it.

Wear waterproof shoes in the rain.  Having wet socks all day sucks.  Bring a jacket when you’re going to be out for any length of time.  You can always leave it in the car, but a jacket in your closet won’t keep you warm.

Always support the Packers and follow them at least a little.  That way you’ll always have something to add to any conversation where two or more guys are together.

Men can only focus on one subject at a time and are best with topics that are not personal.  If you want to keep a guys attention find his interest and learn about it.  If he sees you’re interested in something he’s interested in his new focus will be you. (This is sad but true).

Don’t take advantage of others.  It’s wrong and does not make you feel very good about yourself.

Always dream.

Don’t just dance like no ones watching, live like you don’t care who is watching.

As my mom use to say, “Don’t worry about what others are saying about you, because you’d be more surprised how little they are talking about you”.  Gossip is trivial and short lived.  People who would talk to you about someone else behind their back are talking about you behind yours.  Don’t waste your time with them.

Whenever possible get out and enjoy the arts.  It enriches the soul as well as the mind.

When you see or hear something you like say so.  Everyone especially artists need affirmation because there are enough critics out there already.

Travel, it broadens your mind and helps you to understand people and history.

Write it down, dates, numbers, and names.  You may remember but you’ll have a back up if you don’t

Always send or say thank you.  You feel better for doing it and people need to hear it.

But most important remember we love you.


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