WIP Wed: What needs to be finished!

Ok I admit this is totally embarassing!

Honest I do finish things, I have finishing bees.  I finished something today… but you can’t see it to friday lol!

I am not a linear thinker by nature so why should I be a linear project finisher? Yes you hear guilt here.

I rushed to put this stuff away before Darling saw how many projects I am working on, we work on a need to know basis and he doesn’t need to know!

This is only the pile of what I could find just glancing around the chair where I knit.

There is some interesting things in this pile:

  1. Cable Cardigan: back done and front right to underarm
  2. Leafy facecloth: 8 more to do for Bazaar
  3. Potato chip scarf
  4. Afghan strip # 1
  5. Afghan strip # 2
  6. Commuter set: coffee cozy, water bottle cozy and cellphone cozy
  7. Size 4 Boys top down cardigan
  8. Party dress size 2
  9. saarjtees booties
  10. Ripples of laughter socks
  11. bamboo socks
  12. Micah’s Blanky
  13. 3rd Tea cozy

12 projects within reach of my knitting chair

  I usually read more than one book at a time too! Promise no list lol.

You don’t always feel like reading or working on the same thing.

At least I don’t… Maybe I am a bit weird?

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27 Books Bedside table and yes I am currently reading them all!

Shawls: I must be mad!

Here is the finished list so far:

  1. Travelling women (January 2011)
  2. Celeste Shawl (January 2011) Gift to my sister-in-law
  3. Marella by Bridget Freyer (January 2011)
  4. Batkus shawl (March 2011) Bazaar
  5. Oaklet Shawl (May 2011)
  6. 198 yds of Heaven (Nov 2011) MiL Christmas
  7. Ginkgo shawl (Dec 2011) Mother Christmas
  8. Simple Ridges Shawl (Jan 2012)

Here is the want to do list!


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