Pattern: The not so sad sacks

I’ve designed a few different patterns over the years. Hope you enjoy this one.

A free pattern to share!

The not so sad sacks

Charitable project to knit for

What is the Baby Pack Project.

The Baby Pack Project  is a small charitable project aimed at providing under-privileged mothers of newborn babies on the lower south coast of Kwa Zulu Natal, South Africa, with a pack of the most basic items needed for a new born baby.  The Baby Pack Project  came about in 2005 when local lady Gill Richardson, saw newborn babies leave Ntabeni clinic in Kwa Zulu Natal wrapped in newspaper because the mothers had nothing else to wrap them in. The Baby Pack Project has grown out of that small seed of compassion sown by Gill back in 2005.

Each pack contains:     a nappy (diaper) and pin, a waterproof (rubber baby pants),a jumper (sweater or cardigan)

    a baby grown, a bib, a vest, booties or socks, a blanket, soap, a little knitted toy

Even one contribution would help!

Small things to knit for Easter

This is a querky blog that I just love. Here are some little things to stuff in plastic eggs.

She has also designed some knitted Christmas lights for the energy conscious among us.

Thanks Kimberly and Kandyknits!

What to knit when you are exspecting…

This is a lovely site for small things to while waiting for little ones to arrive, yours or someone elses.

Premmie Hat patterns

I was cruising through free pattern files today and saw this site Carissa knits

She also has some other interesting patterns for purchase and for free.

Pattern Link: Super Stars

These are sweet little stars that would make a delightful decoration on hats, mits you name it. Thanks again Knitting in Color.

Technique: how to knit a Curlicue

I just like the idea of this, good for decorating hats, tea cosies, or making worms for cat toys!  Thanks Knitting in Color…

How much yarn do I need? (for spinners and knitters)

Thanks for the thread to this website Sassysean moderator of the “small shawl lovers” group

Online Magazines

If I come across an online magazine I’ll post it. Thanks to virtual friends on and irl  friends for the various  threads that have lead to these sites.  I couldn’t collect these without ya! Knitch: goes back to winter 2008, publishes twice a year, articals are very interesting, patterns are hit and miss. Knitnet, only portions are free access, published 6 times a year. Patterns are rather uninspired. Knitty: This is an online magazine with great articals and some very nice free patterns. I like the format. You know how some Knit mags put all the pictures of the patterns on one page at the back of the magazine, knitty kinda does that. Have been a fan for many years. Knitty spin: Knitty also does an online Handspinning magazine. Ennea Collective: This one is new to me. It appears to have Handspinning articals and knitting patterns. Spindlcity: This one is also new to me, This magazine has projects and articals about Handspinning and knitting. Published Quarterly since 2005. Knit Circus: This site has a magazine style layout. Went online in Spring 2010. Publishes Quarterly Twist Collective: Thanks Gwen for passing on this site. This online magazine is published 3 times a year, also features a monthly newsletter.  The contents page  has small pictures of the patterns within the magazine. I am impressed by the quality of the offerings on this site, and will be visiting it again! Pop Knits: This online magazine is currently not being published, however the back issues are still online. I keep checking hopeing that it will come back as I think it is rather good. Petite Purls: This is an online childrens knitting Magazine published quarterly. It has lovely, imaginative and free patterns.

Stitch Directory Link

This is a useful Link for a stitch directory, and free patterns

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