WIP Wed: More Facecloths

 More Facecloths for the Bazaar. I was thinking a set of 2 (one plain and one varigated).

I have been trying to think outside the box. If we make more things that have no specified

size or gender, I think there would be a wider market. Well we will see in November.

Megan Goodacre’s pattern can be found here.

Leafy Facecloth

For further WIP’s visit Tami’s Blog to see everyones “Work in Progress”


Knitting: 109 items – Finished in 2011:0)

I am trying to keep track of dones and not dones this year so here we are :0)

      1. Travelling Women Shawl (1 of 11 shawls for 2011) *fair*
      2. Celeste Shawl (2 of 11 shawls for 2011) shelly
      3. Marella Shawl (3 of 11 shawls for 2011) *fair*
      4. Cable Cardigan (zzz)
      5. (2) Mystery afghan square #1 (Kal)
      6. Silk Fountain cowl *fair*
      7. Lazy Katy scarf (frog)
      8. (2) Mystery afghan square #2 (Kal)
      9.  *XL coffee cup sweater    (my design) Free pattern on this site
      10. (5) Petal Lace Hats
      11. Baktus scarf (4 of 11 shawls for 2011)
      12. Whislter Hat
      13. Brimness shawl (wip)
      14. * Not so Sad Sacs  (my design)
      15. Monster Chunks *fair*
      16. Maddox *fair*
      17. (11) Hamsterbeans
      18. (2) Mystery Afghan square #3 (Kal)
      19. * Feathers and Fans for baby   (my design)
      20. (6) Saartjee’s Booties
      21. * Knit by the Dozen Socks  (my design)
      22. (2) Tea cosies
      23. Ear Flap Baby Hat
      24. Mystery Afghan squares ( Kal) (frogged)
      25. * Ripples of laughter socks  (my design)
      26. * Grandma’s Little Treasure Cardigan  (my design) *fair*
      27. * Inside Outside Upside down mittens #1  (my design)
      28. * (5) Warm little feet (Baby socks in 3 sizes)  (my design)
      29. Yasmin shawl (frogged)
      30. Potato Chip Scarf (frogged)
      31. * Inside outside upside down mittens #2 (Kal)  (my design) *fair*
      32. * Take me with you bag  (my design)
      33. * (2)Water bottle sweater  (my design)
      34. * Sue’s EZ toe-up Socks  (my design)
      35. (2) Daisy Bookmarks
      36. * Because I love you Cellphone sweater    (my design)
      37. *Ashley’s Blanky  (my design)
      38. * Ebook Sweater  (my design)
      39. * Caitlin’s Blanky  (my design)
      40. Oaklet Shawl (5 of 11 shawls for 2011)
      41. * 4 pc. Commuter set (lg & XL Coffee Cup Cosy/ Water Bottle Sweater/+ Cellphone cover)  (my design)
      42. (2) Leafy washcloths
      43. * Micah’s Blanky  (my design) *fair*
      44. Striped 5 Hour Baby Cardigan & Hat green/cream
      45. Striped 5 Hour Baby Cardigan & Hat denim/white + Hat
      46. Striped 5 Hour Baby Cardigan & Hat Yellow/white + Hat *fair*
      47. Sue’s EZ Toe-up Socks   (my Design) For my niece
      48. Tea Cosy for the Fair *fair*
      49. Handspun Merino for the fair *fair*
      50. Little Party Dress  (my design) *fair*
      51. 2 needle slippers *fair*
      52. Handspun Horseshoe cap *”Finished handspun artical for fair”*
      53. Immie Baby Blanket
      54. Barbie party dress *fair*
      55. Another XL Coffee Cup Sweater  (my design)
      56. Basic Baby Pullover
      57. Who Hat
      58. Christmas Sock – Light Foot by Red Bird Knits
      59. Thing 1  & Thing 2 Hats
      60. Warm Collars in 4 yarns in Bulky, Aran, Worsted, Dk (my design) 
      61. Zig Zag scarf
      62. Basic Baby Cardigan
      63. Child`s mittens
      64. Basic Baby Hat 
      65. *XL Coffee Cup Sweater 3  (my design)
      66. 198yds of Heaven Christmas – Omie 
      67. Turn a Square Hat
      68. Gingko leaf shawlette  Christmas -Mom
      69. (6) Colorwork christmas balls 
      70. Turn a Square Hat  
      71. Saartje’s Booties Christmas – Hellen
As you see for many of these I knit more than one.

Knitting: A cute idea for the traveling knitter

Derya Davenport invented this useful little Abacus Pouch

the pattern can be down loaded for free

from her Blog.


Hey! FO Friday: sorta, this week it is “future object” for me

Ok, this is how it works this week.

I am madly working on about a dozen things at once, as usual.

So my offering is more of a dream of the future something.

Picked these up at the local yarn adoption agency today

While visiting my favourite yarn purveyor, I spotted these

and just could not leave them there, so I adopted them for a

small fee!

If you would like to join in the FO Friday fun go to Tami’s and see more!

Garden Report: Warm and Wet around here, perfect for seeds!

The weather around here has been amazing for germination.

Planted the Carrots and Onions in frame 2 on May 3rd

We have had lovely sunny days mixed with several days and nights of rain.

Not so go for the arthritis but great for the garden. The tomatoes and the pepper are

beginning to flower.  They needed staking earlier in the week, but are still a little short to have a full

cage around them. Have to go out and buy some.  

Frame 1 Tomatoes and peppers and sage

As mentioned in my previous post, I planted beans in frame 3 on the 21st of June.

Everything was fine till I was researching the varieties that I planted. French dwarf dual, can be used as string or 

fresh beanlets, Yum. However did you know that Butterbeans are just lima beans in disguise, Yuck! Glad I only planted 4 seeds. Anyone want

Those seeds on the left with the glasses and false nose are Lima beans!

some Lima beans free…

As far as weeds and flowers, the weeds are just popping up all over the garden. We have instituted morning weed

patrol. If it looks like a weed pull it!

Flowers are coming along beautifully. Years ago, my mother gave me some Sundrops from her garden. I have transplanted patches of them


from two different gardens, they are indestructible will grow just about anywhere and

rival daisy’s for cheerfulness.

WIP Wed & Event: Happy Birthday to me!

What a lovely day to celebrate your birthday! June 21 ? the longest day in my mother’s life (3 days for me to arrive!)

Got up to go out for coffee (usual morning visit to Tim Horton’s) then a little gardening. Planted two types of Beans, then went in to

Yoke almost finished on February Lady Cardigan knit in Vintage

research them afterward and discovered that Butterbeans are just lima beans in disguise (loath lima’s)

I am working on February Lady Cardigan. I have been collecting the skeins a few at a time planning to make this sweater.

I have needed a replacement cardigan, you know when you need a new sweater when your best friends cringe when you

walk in wearing your old favourite.

The door bell rang and purolator delivered present from DH, a ASUS Netbook and it is a stylish white.

He is fixing it up as we speak, wonderful to have a computer consultant, IT service, wizard with magic computer stuff who works for

ASUS Netbook - wireless and my very own, no more arguments about computer use woot!

hugs :0)

For Supper MIL took us all out for the most splendid dinner at Zante Restaurant, a very nice greek place in downtown Bowmanville.

Our family the in-laws and my parents showed up too. Terrific visit with favourite people! I had the Zante Lamb Dinner (Gluten-free) and totally great!

Parents had the rack of lamb which looked good too. Caution portions are large and delicious!

Got home to a delightful call from my Brother who lives far away, so nice to hear his voice, made my Birthday complete.

My special day is almost over, it has been lovely, can we do it again next year?

Gluten-free review: An old favourite revised

Not your mother's French Toast!

Ok, I have to admit that this, till resently was my favourite breakfast in the whole world!

The Gluten-free version - do all the steps but use Gluten-free toaster waffles!





 My heart was broken when forced to give this up, breakfast just wasn’t the same on those very special holidays and appreciation days (DH occasionally throughs a spontanious “Just because I love you” appreciation day… 27 yrs married and he still does this, I am blessed!)

What you see is DH’s version of something he saw on a TV program called “Restaurant Makeover” I believe it was Lynn Crawford that was the chief that introducted this recipe.
Well our version is the usual eggs, cream or milk, pinch of sugar, pinch of salt, splash of vanilla (sorry we don’t measure, the french toast  recipe) We buy a lovely fresh french or italian bread at the local get bread place…
Now some assembly required – Think grilled cheese without any cheese :0)
  1. Make French Toast mixture
  2. Cut 2 slices of bread approx 3/4″ thick
  3. Spread nutella on both slices (thinly)
  4. Slice banana and organize on nutella of one slice
  5. Make a banana sandwich
  6. now dip the outside of the sandwich in the french toast mixture
  7. fry as for regular french toast and enjoy!




Event: Father’s Day 2011

Two Fathers at this table, enjoyed themselves very much!

The weather was grand and sunny, not a cloud in the sky.

Could not have planned a better way to celebrate this special day.
Love them both dearly :0)

Technique: Basic Sock (video tutorial)

Thanks again verypinkknits http://www.youtube.com/user/verypinkknits#p/u/42/Hl3SqJDUKeo

Great tip: knit first row when changing colour on rib row

FO Friday: Yeh, happy dance! Tea Cozy done and dusted!

The Tea Cozy that started it all! Sorry no picture of #2, it was very nice :0)

 Whoopee, no more Tea Cozies, it has left the building!

See WIP Wed Post 

I have to admit the pessimist in me is waiting to be volunteered for the

next noxious task, but in the meanwhile remember snoopy dancing with the easter bunny’s that’s me :0)

Pardon me Details:

Yarn: Kertzer Northern Worsted

All time favourite TC made in the early 90's

Needles: 6mm circ

Pattern: Knitted Pleated Tea Cosy by Tea and Roses

3rd and last!

However this little 2 cupper is still my favourite, I made it a long time ago and it is still goin strong!

For more fun FO Friday visit Tami!

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