FO Friday: Happy Canada Day and 200th Anniversary of the War of 1812

Hello, wishing you all a happy Canada day! We celebrate July 1st. As many of you are not Canadian and are unfamiliar with Canada, I hope you will find this post a little interesting.

This year we are also celebrating the 200th anniversary of the War of 1812. This site shows a timeline and history of the conflict that galvanized the citizens of this colony of Britain. After 3 separate attempted invasions during the war, Canadians actually started to think of themselves as Canadians. Up to this point most Canadians saw themselves as European colonists, or communities of expats from other countries.

As a proud Canadian, these  celebrations with fireworks and military reenactments are important to who we are!

War was declared on our colony June 18 1812, we were viewed as easy pickings as the war in Europe was drawing the attention of Britain away from North America. This is actually far more complicated than I can comment on here.  None the less, we as a small population fought to protect ourselves, and with our native allies, survived to become a nation in 1867.

Today we are close friends with our neighbours to the south and yet maintain our more European culture and connections. That’s something to celebrate!

Also wishing our neighbours a Happy 4th of July!

Did you know that the original Fort York still exists in downtown Toronto? In 1812, this was the location of the Parliament of Upper Canada.

Well on to this weeks Finished objects, these are for the Craft Fair next month. These are for a fundraiser to build a wheelchair ramp into the hall at our church hall which was built in 1856. My object was to think of items that are more general in their appeal.

Six Untangles Pattern here

Box of Untangleds waiting to be glued

 6 only 4 more to go. Believe it or not these are starting to get old…

XL Coffee Cup sweater  Free pattern here

The Box

6 of 12 done!

I am looking for ideas for other projects, suggestions would be welcome.

Please post in comments with links if possible, Thanks :0) 

Update Current WIP List

FO’s 2012 = 32 + 7 = 39

Patterns from my own Library = 5

WIP’s 2012 =  2 + 9 = 11

Stash used 2012 = 51 + 3 = 54

Stash Purchased 2012 = 68

Beryl Blanket Hexes =  48

Books = 19

Take Care and cya next week

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WIP Weds and Friday’s at Tami’s

The Rational Optimist (from the FB postings of Peter Atkinson)

My brother Peter posted 14 days of these observations on facebook, wanting to save it and pass it on, I’m posting them here. Enjoy I hope you find this as uplifting as I do…

Please note, that I personally do not agree with all statements presented here, some I find simplistic and others I find just plan short sighted, however on the whole I find that optimism is rational in this day and age… please read and give your own opinion.

From his Posting:

Our movies promote an apocalyptic vision of our future.  Our news is story’s of misery, bigotry, and tragedy followed by documentaries of doom.  Over the next seventeen days with the help of Matt Ridley, zoologist, economist, financier, foreign correspondent and author of ‘The Rational Optimist’, we’re going to look at our world as it really is.  The truth is there has never been a better time to be alive.  Not just here, but with very few exception anywhere in the world.  Join me in seeing the world we live in in a different and rational way and see that our future is truly bright and promising.

Rational Optimist Day One: We’re better off now. Compared with just 50 years ago, when I was born, the average human now earns nearly three times as much money (corrected for inflation), eats one third more calories, buries two thirds fewer children, and can expect to live one third longer.  In fact it’s hard to find any region of the world that’s worse off now than it was then, even though the global population has more than doubled over that period.

The Rational Optimist Day 2; Urban Living is a good thing.  City dwellers take up less space, use less energy, and have less impact on natural ecosystems then country dwellers.  The worlds cities now contain over half it’s people, but they occupy less than 3  percent of its land mass.  Urban growth may disgust environmentalists, but living in the country is not the best way to care for the earth.  The best thing we can do for the planet is build more skyscrapers.

The Rational Optimist Day 3: Poverty is nose-diving. The rich are getting richer, but the poor do even better. Between 1980 and 2000, the poor doubled their consumption. The Chinese are ten times richer and live about 25 years longer than they did 50 years ago. Nigerians are twice as rich and live nine more years. The percentage of the world’s people living in absolute poverty has dropped by over half. The United Nations estimates that poverty was reduced more in the past 50 years than in the previous 500.

The Rational Optimist day 4: The important stuff costs less. One reason we are richer, healthier, taller, cleverer, longer-lived, and freer than ever before is the four most basic human needs – food, clothing, fuel, and shelter – have grown markedly cheaper. Take one example: In 1800, a candle providing one hour’s light cost six hours work. In 1880 the same light from a kerosene lamp took 15 minutes work to pay for. In 1950, it was eight seconds. Today, it’s half a second. In these terms, we are 43,200 times better off than in 1800.

The Rational Optimist Day 5: The Environment is better than you think.  In the United States , rivers, lakes, seas, and air are getting cleaner all the time.  A car today emits less pollution traveling at full speed than a parked car did from leaks in 1970.

The Rational Optimist Day 6: Shopping fuels innovation.  Even allowing for the many people who still live in abject poverty, our own generation has access to more calories, watts, megahertz, square feet, air miles, food per acre, miles per gallon, and of course, money than any who lived before us.  This will continue as long as we use these things to make other things.  The more we specialize and exchange, the better off we’ll be.

The Rational Optimist Day 7: Global trade enriches our lives.  By 9 am, I have shaved with an American razor, eaten bread made with French wheat and spread with New Zealand butter and Spanish marmalade, brewed tea from Sri Lanka, dressed in clothes made from Indian cotton and Australian wool, put on shoes of Chinese leather and Malaysian rubber, and read a new paper printed on Finnish paper with Chinese ink.  I have consumed minuscule fractions of the productive labor of hundreds of people.  This is the magic of trade and specialization.  Self-sufficiency is poverty.

The Rational Optimist Day 8: More farm production = more wilderness.  While the world population has increased more than fourfold since 1900, other things have increased too – area of crops by 30% harvests by 600%.  At the same time, more than two billion acres of “secondary” tropical forest are now regrowing since farmers left them to head for the cities, and it is already rich in biodiversity.  In fact, the author makes the outrageous prediction: The world will feed itself to a higher and higher standard throughout this century without plowing any new land.

The Rational Optimist Day 9:  The good old days weren’t.  Some people argue that in the past there was a simplicity, tranquility, sociability, and spirituality that’s now been lost.  This rose-tinted nostalgia is generally confined to the wealthy.  It’s easier to wax elegiac for the life of a pioneer when you don’t have to use an outhouse.  The biggest-ever experiment in back-to-the-land hippie life-style is now known as the Dark Ages.

The Rational Optimist Day 10:  Population growth is not a threat.  Although the world population is growing, the rate of increase has been falling for 50 years.  Across the globe, national birth rates are lower now than in 1960, and in the less developed world, the birth rate has approximately halved.  This is happening despite people living longer and infant-mortality rates dropping.  According to an estimate from the United Nations, population will start to fall once it peaks at 9.2 billion in 2075–so there is every prospect of feeding the world forever. After all, there are already seven billion people on earth, and they are eating better and better every decade.

The Rational Optimist Day 11:  Oil is not running out.  In 1970, there were 550 billion barrels of oil reserves in the world, and in the 20 years that followed, the world used 600 billion.  So by 1990, reserves should have been overdrawn by 50 billion barrels, Instead, they amounted 900 billion – not counting tar sands and oil shale that between them contain about 20 times the proven reserves of Saudi Arabia. Oil, coal, and gas are finite, but they will last for decades, perhaps centuries, and people will find alternatives long before they run out.

The Rational Optimist Day 12:  We are the luckiest generation.  This generation has experienced more peace, freedom, leisure time, education, medicine, and travel than any in history.  Yet it laps up gloom at every opportunity.  Consumers do not celebrate their wonderful field of choice, according to psychologists, people say they are “overwhelmed”.  When I go to my local superstore, I do not see people driven to misery by the impossibility of choice.  I see people choosing.

The Rational Optimist Day 13:  Storms are not getting worse. Not at all. While the climate warmed slightly last century, the incidence of hurricanes and cyclones fell.  Since the 1920, the global annual death rate from weather-related natural disasters (that is, the proportion of the world’s population killed rather than simply the overall number) has declined by a staggering 99 percent.  The killing power of hurricanes depends more on wealth than on wind speed.  A big hurricane struck the well prepared Yucatan in Mexico in 2007 and killed nobody.  A similar storm struck impoverished Burma the next year and killed 200,000.  The best defenses against disaster are prosperity and freedom.

The Rational Optimist Day 14:  Great ideas keep coming.  The more we prosper, the more we can prosper.  The more we invent, the more inventions become possible.  The world of things is often subject to diminishing returns.  The world of ideas is not; The ever-increasing exchange of ideas causes the every-increasing rate of innovation in the modern world.  There isn’t even a theoretical possibility of exhausting our supply of ideas, discoveries, and inventions.

I look forward to the comments this post will no doubt generate…

WIP Weds: Birthday books & Progress

What do you give the constant knitter and reader? Other than the best niece in the world who loves books too for a visit ? A gift certificate for a bookstore with a knitting section :0)

“Stashbuster Knits” by Melissa Leapman

here is a review

and “Socks a la carte 2: Toes up!”

here is another great review

(the errata found here)

And my guilty pleasure

The Trouble with Mr. Darcy by Sharon Lathan

In the fifth in Lathan’s bestselling series, George Wickham returns to Hertfordshire bent on creating trouble, and Elizabeth and her newborn son are thrown into danger. Knowing that Wickham has nothing left to lose, Darcy and Fitzwilliam rush to the rescue in a race against time.

Untangled #6

 I plan to do 10 of these

XL coffee cup sweater

And I am well on my way, 6 of 12 XL Coffee Cup Sweater done.

Tuesday was movie night with Sarah, my niece. This week we saw Disney’s “Brave”. We really enjoyed it. A mother daughter movie for all ages.

Last week we saw “Madagascar 3” not as good as the first 2, and if you are Canadian be aware there are some jabs at Canada. Sarah liked it, I didn’t!

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WIP Weds and Friday’s at Tami’s

cya Friday Take Care

FO Friday: Happy Birthday to me!

Well it’s been another year, it has just flown by.  My Birthday was yesterday. With a 21 yr old son, I wont burden you with the number of years I’ve been on the planet. On wednesday I had a lovely dinner with my family.

Unfortunately a thunder storm forced the cancellation of Music in the Park on my birthday.  On Saturday we have plans for lunch at “The Snug” of favourite Irish pub.

My gift to you, all my patterns on ravelry are 50% off till the end of June :0)

My hubby gave me this little purse and pen in the morning.

Sheep are my thing!

And my darling son got me a Muskoka chair for under the tree in the meadow that is my backyard.

I am so proud of my efforts this week. Four FO’s and a couple more hexes on my blanket. I am a public knitter, that adds to productivity. I never go anywhere without knitting.

Untangled #3

Untangled #4

Untangled #5

Really like this one. It’s zippy!

Ankle Socks

A fun knit, but the yarn was a little disappointing.

More Hexes

Beryl banket 42 hexes

Update Current WIP List


FO’s 2012 =  28 + 4 = 32

Patterns from my own Library = 5

WIP’s 2012 = 5 – 4  + 1 = 2

Stash used 2012 = 47 + 4 = 51

Stash Purchased 2012 = 65 + 3 = 68

Beryl Blanket Hexes = 46 + 2 = 48

Books = 18 + 1 = 19

Willow was feeling left out!

Willow has been gaining weight since Jack arrived. The two of them are getting along much better jack harasses, willow ignores :0)

Take Care and cya next week

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WIP Weds and Friday’s at Tami’s

WIP Wed: Untangled in the Park with Socks on

Each Summer our small town gathers at Rotary Park for live music. At 7:00 in the evening a group of us gather with our lawn chairs to knit and listen.

My father and the other members of the men’s club (the boys in blue) sell goodies at the Loonie table.  In Canada our $1.00 coin has a bird called a Loon on it, so Canadians call them Loonies, $2.00 coins are referred to as Toonies, they have a polar bear on them.

The Anglican Men’s club at work raising funds for the local hospital.

Coffee, pop, chocolates, chips and homemade butter tarts Yummm

Yup, my Dad with his broken ankle, was supervising from my wheelchair :0)

There was a large crowd and great entertainment!

This was the first “Music in the Park” for the season.

What was I working on you ask? Untangles obviously.  5 and counting!

Number 3

Untangled #5 – Sorry for the glare

More pictures on Friday, my niece says they are cool.

2nd sock, working on the toe

Ankle sock 2 is almost done, hopefully Friday.

And Jack, he is a work-in-progress. Did you know kittens get into everything? But he is a cuddler so we like him. Willow is tolerating him for now.

Update Current WIP List

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WIP Weds and Friday’s at Tami’s

Garden Report: If you can’t grow grass, grow a meadow!

The weather has been particularly fine for growing weeds. Lots of heat, sun and rain. Our backyard was looking tatty, but daisies have been popping up.

Instructions to the lawn mowing technician, (my son) mow around anything that looks like a flower. Now we have a nicely developing meadow. The Tomatoes and Hot peppers are doing nicely, and the miniature Roses in the front garden are gorgeous.

The meadow 

Wild flowers in the backyard

My plan is to eventually mow a path to the chairs under the Tree 

The Daisies

The Tomatoes and Hot Peppers 

Left frame: Lavender, Celebrity Tomatoes and jalapeno Peppers

More Tomatoes 

Left frame: Early Girl Tomatoes, Sweet 100 tomatoes, Sage.

I am going to plant Everbearing Strawberries in the centre frame

The Roses are amazing!

miniature Roses, past gifts from my guys for special occasions :0)

Well things are popping up all over, will post more as things grow! 

Yes I have this conversation everytime I knit in public…Grrr

A Stitcher’s Haven‘s photo.

Got this from Brigitte's newsfeed.

Thanks Soper Creek Yarns for passing this on.

FO Friday: The crazy week that was

Welcome to the traveling road show that is my life. It has been nuts. I must be out of my mind. I am somewhat physically challenged and becoming exhausted. But I have had fun. :0) My weeks are never this busy and next week is going to find me home recovering, hopefully. Amazingly I actually got some knitting done! 

This last week included visits to;

Saturday: Ribfest for an afternoon with friends and an early supper

Sunday: Church, and lunch out with family

Monday: Visiting with Parents (Dad is recovering with broken ankle) then over to MiL’s (recovering from surgery) for a visit

Tuesday: OT  appointment (for MiL), 4 hr knitting Lesson (given by me), Dr. appointment for DH, Dr. appointment for DS, with me for bad news, (my 21 yr old son, was told he is diabetic)

Wednesday: Posting WIP weds, Church Craft group, then an evening at Soper Creek Yarns for Knitting Club

Thursday: Physiotherapy, First music in the park 2012 in the evening

Friday: Posting FO Fri, Skin Dr. appointment for me, then a movie with my niece (her choice)

I anticipate sleeping in the car on the way home lol.

With all this going on I had time to make these, took no time at all :0)

Presenting “Untangled”

Perfect gift for that hard please teen! Untangled!

This was a super, turbo fast knit! Uses leftovers. I used 2 – 4mm cable needles on leftover Dk yarn. There is no doubt that I will be making a bunch if these.

Untangled #2

Untangled #2 made with leftover Berroco Comfort Dk

They’re a great carry along project. I am making them for a fundraiser, so our Church hall will have a ramp for wheelchair access. 

All you need is:


Any weight of yarn will do, I used Dk with 4mm dpns (cable needles)

I have begun using a bobbin to control the unknitted portion of the cord. A darning needle, a couple of little dabs of super glue and no more tangles! I really like them, the colours are actually much richer than my little old camera could capture :0)

And the day ends with a Bang!

Meet “Lucky Jack” who was a surprise adoption today. 5 of us went out to the adoption place and he was personality on 4 legs. Willow is not impressed, understatement!

A typical Tuxedo cat markings.

He is so little, he doesn’t register on the scale :0)

Update Current WIP List

  Temporarily zzz items will go back on the WIP list after the Craft Fair. I am an organizer, and I have a table, so I’m filling out my inventory. All my proceeds are going to the project.

I am looking for small projects that are not size limited, like sweaters etc. Something innovative that is unusual and will appeal to a wider audience.

Suggestions are very welcome!

FO’s 2012 = 26 + 2 = 28

Patterns from my own Library = 5

WIP’s 2012 = 10 + 1 = 11 – 6 zzz = 5

Stash used 2012 = 42 + 5 = 47 counting Kelp

Stash Purchased 2012 = 61 + 4 = 65

Beryl Blanket Hexes = 46

Books = 18

Take Care and cya next week

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WIP Weds and Friday’s at Tami’s 

WIP Weds: Kelp!

Welcome all. So nice of you to come visiting again! As some of you know my family and I live in Ontario Canada, about 1 hr east of Toronto, on Lake Ontario. This weekend was Rockin Rotary Ribfest 2012, we look forward to this every year. I am now dieting, sorta lol.

 Biggest news, won 3rd prize Candy Skein Contest, Yay I never win anything! Thanks Tami! Happy dance!

(Picture from Tami’s blog, I skein of Candy skein 1st Birthday, May 2012 colourway)

Continued working on my ankle socks

Ankle socks, these are working up rather quickly considering I only work on them when I am out.

Found this cool pattern for the Kelp Forest Shawl on Ravelry.

I have to admit, I am surprised how this is turning out. The yarn was so uninspiring.

I have seen this stuff knit into scarves, everyone in town seems to be making them. They do nothing for me.

Yup, trying to think of other things to do with this stuff. Frilly scarves are not for me. Not sure if frilly shawls are either but it is working up quickly!

I was thinking there must be something else to do with it.

Currently Reading: Three at Wolfe’s Door by Rex Stout

Starts off with a culinary society dinner poisoning. The big man does it again!

For family follow up look here, news on my son.

Update Current WIP List

FO’s 2012 = 26

Patterns from my own Library = 5

WIP’s 2012 =  9 + 1 = 10

Stash used 2012 = 41 + 1 = 42

Stash Purchased 2012 = 61

Beryl Blanket Hexes = 46

Books = 17 + 1 = 18

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WIP Weds and Friday’s at Tami’s

The News is in, my son is too sweet :0(

Well the news is in, Doctor has declared that my 21 yr old son is too sweet.

He is diabetic. The lifestyle changes have begun. My son has taken control and responsiblity for what he eats and his excerise. He has gone from 20.5 two wks ago to 5.5 this evening. He will have to take medication to smooth things out. We are very proud of his down to earth and practical approach to what was bound to happen, as three grandparents and his father that are diabetic too. He has lots of support. We have prepared him over the years for this eventuality and he has risen to the occasion!

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