FO Friday: Small Sweater finished

Sorry for missing WIP Weds, lots on the go but I was not.

My project this week was the Basic Pullover, knit on 4mm circs, in SMC Jacquard Bravo color Dk weight yarn. Made from 3 balls @ 3.99 cdn each. Can be purchased via interwebs from Soper Creek Yarns. This one may go in the drawer, or to the Bazaar. I don’t usually donate projects this expensive … however no little persons to put it on currently and it is a little gender specific.

Remember Dr. Suess, I made this little Hat this week and the family think it looks like a hat a Who would wear. For more details look here.

DH has significantly improved, next move is to get his drivers license back. Thanks for the kind thoughts and support.

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FO Friday: Grown-up, and XL Coffee Cup Sweater

Welcome to another productive week.

The boy turns into a 21 year old man tomorrow, and has invited the GF to meet the extended family… this is a first! Should I be worried? Maybe when she meets the lot of us together, she’ll head for the hills … she survived dinner with the immediate family… twice so far. I will update you on further developments.

2 years old, seems like yesterday

I continue working on the Immie Blanket, it is coming along nicely thank you for asking.

This week I developed and produced 2 “Another XL Coffee Cup Sweaters”  Here is the pattern. Please feel free to share it.

Free pattern to celebrate my baby’s Birthday

Thanks for visiting

Hope you have a nice weekend!

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WIP Weds: New Beginnings

 As the fair is over and the Church Bazaar is fast approaching, I return to my knitting needles and start something fresh Basic Baby V by Cabin Fever

I am chugging along nicely. A great day for knitting, I had craft group at church this morning, and a lovely lunch out with the ladies as usual. This evening is Knittin group at Soper Creek Yarns with another delightful group of dedicated knitters. My cup over flowith with fibre :0)

Basic Baby V in progress

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FO Friday: A couple of little things

As some of you know the Boy/Man turns 21 years old next Saturday. I have had a terrible time thinking up a present for him. Today I purchased a nice little leather book for some pictures and family recipes. I remember moving out of my parents home a wishing for some of my Mom’s suppers. (Texas Hash, spaghetti Pie, Yorkshire pudding) I am going to ask my mother and DH’s mother to write some recipes down too. With some family pictures and cleaning hints, I hope he finds it useful.

The Book

Now the fair is over there are some smaller projects I have been meaning to get to. I’ve made 3 more XL coffee cup sweaters for the church bazaar.

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Have a nice weekend.

WIP & Event: Three little spinners go to the fair

This weekend G, B and I went to the fair to spend our day doing spinning demonstrations. What a delight, there was a bumper crop of attendees this year! Spent all day in the Bunny Barn talking to visitors, and watching the bunny judging. Then running around picking up my competition items.

I must apologize, I realized after I arrived at the fair my camera was at home, and my cellphone pictures where terrible. I hope that one of the others will post pictures that so I can link to them.

Presenting this years winners

I was spinning another Silver Cloud delight, some finger roving with a stripe of cream and a stripe of cinnamon. It spun like a dream! I will post pictures when I get further on in the spinning process.

Meanwhile an update on my Immie Blanket I have wanted to knit a frost flower patterned something for awhile. So without thinking things through, the bright little thing that I am, I started this thinking what a great thing to work on at Knittin club. Ha ha ha, pattern works both sides with repeats of 1/2 the pattern of 4 rows 3 times and the remaining 4 rows 3 times repeat 24 rows 3 times. Ya, I work on this when the guys are tucked up in their beds. However it is coming along and I am enjoying it.

Sorry it is a bit dark, but the flash removed the detail. I am rather happy with this.

This week I’m also back to knitting for the Bazaar. XL Coffee cup sweaters, if you are interested here is the free download. It is my own pattern, so feel free to share it around if you want.

A Coffee Cup Sweater, protects fingers and keeps cup warm, washable and a stash buster!

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FO Friday: 2011 Fair entries are in (17)

The fair entries are in and now we wait for the results. I had planned to enter some baking, however with DH’s carless status, I didn’t want to impose on relatives to dive up to the fairgrounds a 2nd time to drop it off. I guess that will have to wait for next year.  Hope to get up this afternoon to see results. Sad to say that these are the worst results in over 20 years, oh well it is good to participate sigh…

Basket of things for the Fair (edge of hat on left)

Meanwhile here is the basket of entries.

  1. 56-12a Crib afghan (Micah’s Blanky) (Didn’t Place)
  2. 56-13 Tea Cosy  (Didn’t Place)
  3. 56-38 Shawl (Marella shawl) 4th
  4. 56-39 Scarf (Travelling Women) 4th
  5. 56-40 Cowl ((Silk Fountain cowl) 3rd
  6. 56-41 Baby Set, sweater & Bonnnet (5 Hour sweater) 1st
  7. 56-44 Cardigan child’s knit (Grandma’s little treasure)  (Didn’t Place)
  8. 56-49a Headgear knit (sorry no picture, but it is very nice :0)  (Didn’t Place)
  9. 56 50 Mittens or gloves knit (Inside outside upside down) 1st
  10. 56-51 Anyother knit garment (Zoey’s little party dress) 3rd
  11. 56-52a socks  (sorry no picture, but it is very nice :0)  (Didn’t Place)
  12. 56-52b slippers (2 needle slippers) 3rd
  13. 56-75 child’s stuffed toy (Maddox)  (Didn’t Place)
  14. 56-76a Doll Clothing knit (Barbie dress) 2nd
  15. 56-77 small novelty for Bazaar (Purple Monster chunk)  (Didn’t Place)
  16. 56-80 Handspun yarn (superwash Merino) 1st
  17. 56-85 An Artical from Handspun (Horseshoe cap 80/20 Alpaca/Merino) 1st

(3) 1st, (1) 2nd, (3) 3rd (2) 4th (1) 1st Show Special

Total Prizes $29.00

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WIP Weds: This is it! The Fair is here!

I am down to the line. Everything for the fair is almost done. Has to be delivered this evening.

Last thing is a dress for a Barbie Doll.

Almost finished!

I also started another baby blanket, just for fun. Immie Baby Blanket

For finished projects and fair results you will have to check in Friday night or Saturday morning. Meanwhile for more WIP Weds see our friends at Tami’s Blog.

Immie Blanket

Found these amusing personality tests.

Found these personality tests thanks to Ebonyhooks5 on Ravelry.

Harry Potter characters: I was the Fred & George Weasley, Vivacious, adventurous and outgoing. They are always in the centre if things socially, they are fun to be around, though they tend to have short attention spans!

Click this pic to take the quiz yourself

Jane Austens characters: I am Elizabeth Bennet! You are intelligent, witty and tremendously attractive. You have a good head on your shoulders and oftentimes find yourself the lone beacon of reason in a sea of ridiculousness. You take great pleasure in many things. You are proficient in nearly all of them, though you will never own it. Lest you seem too perfect. You have a tendency toward prejudgement that serves you very ill in deed.

I am Elizabeth Bennet!

Click this pic to take the quiz yourself

Take the test and see who you are most like!

FO Friday: Handspun Hat!

Welcome to another fun filled FO Friday, a lovely warm sunny day in Ontario, Canada.

Just an update, situation with DH has improved somewhat. Downside, his license has been lifted for the present, with no idea when he can drive again. (Law in Cda, you faint and you don’t drive, wise but inconvienient) DH is the only driver in our houehold, so life is a little complicated.  In-laws and parents have been great, his employer/friend has been and absolute brick, could not be more understanding. DH’s boss was scheduled for 14 day vacation, had to cancel plane tickets and reservations. DH felt awful about it, boss said “sh– happens” nothing more said. Well back to todays finished object!

Son's GF Sporting Hat (she's a good sport too!)

Pattern: Handspun Horseshoe cap by Janet Wray (from Spin-off Magazine Fall 2009) Fibre: 80% Merino / 20% Merino from Silver Cloud alpaca

Fuzzy Close-up

Handspun: 2 Ply, singles “S”, ply “Z”, wpi 14

Needles: 3.75mm, 4.5mm

Totally delighted with the butter soft result. Will be entering it in the local Fair.

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