List of Projects for 2014

Fred and Ginger, love old movies. Hunting for pics of famous people knitting :0)

Fred and Ginger, love old movies. Hunting for pics of famous people knitting :0)

I have decided to keep up with the list this year, so here goes!

  1. Iced Cardigan (Oct kal)
  2. Top Down Swing Pullover
  3. Mile a Minute Blanket
  4. Lovely & Thick Rose Socks (Boot Cuffs) / Pynteraggen Kal/jan
  5. Snuggly Baby Crofter DK 1257 Sirdar 
  6. Butterflies #1 (my design)
  7. Oh Canada Coffee Cup Sweater (my design) ravellenic 2014
  8. Woodland Sprite Bonnetravellenic 2014 
  9. Drip Stopper: to catch dribbles – (my design) ravellenic 2014 
  10. A toque fit for a Canuck, eh! – ravellenic 2014  
  11. Another Pair of Mittens – ravellenic 2014   
  12. O Canada Mittens – ravellenic 2014  
  13. Worsted Wingspan #4 – ravellenic 2014  
  14. Buttermere Shawl – ravellenic 2014 Kal/Dec 
  15. Sue’s Hill Walking Socks – (my design)
  16. Merry-go-round scarf – (my design)  Kal/feb
  17. Butterflies Shawl #2 (Bulky) – (my design)
  18. Sun Hat #1

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